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Up, up and at them…again.

So, in a move of solidarity for my real life…I have moved my blog life from here to, well, here

Much in my world has changed and much is changing, yet again. 

I have concluded…

*that small town living is wonderful, hi-evah, notsomuch with a 1-2 hour commute each way…

*the Daughter isn’t ready to let go, which thrills me to no end.  For someone who is 6’2″ and towers over me…she sure is a momma’s girl…yeah ME!

*I am not so bothered by anklebiters.  Meaning, I have always been a “big dog” kinda person…but with the newest member to my clan came three, count ’em, THREE little dogs…and each one is as spoiled as can possibly be.  And each one I guarantee will be fodder for a blog or two…

*That moving sucks, period.  But moving FOUR MONTHS after you just moved, sucks even more…

There’s so much more to say, but I don’t think I should give it all away just yet…you just got here.

Snuggle in, grab some popcorn, the feature presentation will start shortly…

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