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There’s a new sheriff, or three, in town.

Ok, so I guess I need to start with the fact I am a dog lover.  Especially big dogs…I have always had big dogs and to be quite honest, was always intimidated by the little, barky, kinetic dogs.  Big dogs were like that big goofy kid, all lovey, all funny and just easy going…at least my big dogs were…

Over the years, we have been blessed with great pets.  Puff, Ms. Bear, Alice & Renee….Kinky (who was a hamster, yet acted like a dog!) all loved and all large dogs (exception of Kinky, who was just larger than life!)

I had promised the Boy when we moved to the country we would indeed get a dog.  For reasons that made more sense, we shied away from it until now…

Kris (Just Kris) came into our lives and with Kris (Just Kris) came three dogs.  Three little dogs.  I mean, the biggest one (my soulmate) tips the scales at 12 pounds…there’s Doodle, C-Bo and Bella.  Guess who runs the house now?…cause it sure ain’t me.

Let me introduce you…

Doodle –
is the oldest, at 9 (almost 10!)…she’s what I call “full figured.”  She’s a dog with cheeks.  Yes, she’s that chubby.  Which has led me to nickname her with several monikers…Chubby, Tubby, Chunky…all said in love, but this dog, is a tank.  Her legs don’t seem to be long enough to walk with the belly, but she makes it.  She has made my couch and throw pillows her personal space and when you go to move her so you can sit…she growls…did I mention she somehow lost a front tooth a while back, so now, she’s also known as Snaggletooth. 

Doodle is also the humpinest dog I have EVER laid eyes on.  She has two toys in particular that she is “fond” of.  Petey, which we have found, she is too short for, meaning she high-centers on Petey and cannot get off of Petey when she’s done.  Then there is Monkey, poor Monkey…Doodle is partial to Monkey…yet, with the short legs, ends up humping and thumping all at the same time.  It’s extra special when she decides that Monkey isn’t being submissive enough, she bites him.  I sometimes worry that Doodle with throw her back out, but at this time, she is a-ok…

is the other boy in the house.  Yes, the Boy has a testerone buddy. At 6,  C-Bo (or Brother) is that big dumb kid in class, the one that bows to peer pressure.  If one of the others starts to barking, C-Bo is right there, with them…barking louder and longer.  When you call him out, he looks at you as to say “hey, they STARTED it!”  C-Bo also has a thing for torturing Doodle…and they get scrappy.  I have learned (last night in fact) to not get between them as I will end up the bitee…not nice.  C-Bo isn’t much of a lover as Doodle or Bella…and tends to want to steal snacks and lay directly behind you wherever you may be to cause the most discomfort.  C-Bo has also decided he can no longer jump on the bed and must be “lifted” up there…but this only applies to me.  Anyone else can say “C-Bo, up!” and away he goes…me, he just stands there waiting for his “lift.”

awww….Bella.  Even her name is princess-y sounding, yes?  Don’t worry, if you didn’t think she was a princess, she will quickly show you.  At 4, she’s the youngest and therefore, the center of all attention.  Bella is dainty and petite.  Weighs in at 4 (maybe 5) pounds, she walks on her tip toes.  Don’t even think to make her go outside ON HER OWN in the rain, dew or even if it’s overcast, no, you will have to pick her up and put her in the yard. 

Bella is also humpy.  Much to C-Bo’s chagrin, as he is the designated humpee for Bella.  I often tell her to act like a lady, but she just can’t.  And it’s awkward at it’s best.  Bella is the dog that looks at you like you are a simpleton and she just can’t be bothered being on YOUR level and if you are in her spot, you will move.  Bella is, however, the biggest cuddler out of the bunch.  She can make herself at home just about anywhere and you need to make sure to have a blanket or pillow close by, because as the princess, she cannot simply sit on raw furniture.  Hi-evah, for as big of a princess as Bella is…she has the worst breath.  Ever.  Like face melting breath.  yeah, that bad.

Kris (Just Kris) typically stays horrified at the humping that goes on at night.  The Boy and I try to ignore it, we try to watch TV, but it’s like a big pink elephant (or monkey) in the room.  And we start to giggle.  And nothing seems to stop it.  And don’t think for one moment, that our laughter or Kris (Just Kris’) horror is enough to stop them…I mean, come on…everyone needs that quality time.  I do however think we will have to put them up when we have company…at the very least, we need to hide Petey and Monkey.

I will say that I no longer need to worry about ANYONE coming in the house unannounced.  They are “trigger” happy and the moment someone THINKS of knocking, they are barking.  And barking.  And barking.  The Boy has the hardest time with it, as everytime he enters the house, the room, the hallway, they bark.  And bark.  And bark.  In my dreams, I can hear it.

Our world revolves around kids and dogs now.  It’s a happy hum of activity and lots of love.  That’s the best thing about a dog…they will love you unconditionally.  Unless it’s 16 degrees outside and they just look at you like “I’m not going out there…you go.”  Then it’s every man, woman and dog for themselves…

I mean, I am no Petey or Monkey, but I think they like me…

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