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I gots to know…

I crave information.  I am a reader of everything.  Friends will tell you, I am the keeper of all useless knowledge.  If it’s random crap you need an answer to, I perhaps know it.  If I don’t, I will scour the heavens to get you an answer.  Don’t ask me why…I hated learning in school…it was all about the makeup and clothes for me.  I retained absolutely nothing from my years of edu-ma-cation.  At least I didn’t mean to…

So as I have pondered today, on a break, these questions: 

*Why are the People of Wal Mart NEVER in my Wal Mart?  I have visited several in several cities and nope…not a single weirdo.  (editor’s note:  not “weird” as weird goes, but I do believe I saw a tranny or a really ugly chick)

*Why when I saw the tranny/really ugly chick could I not pull it together enough to get cellphone or digital camera out of the flipping purse fast enough to take a picture.

*How did tranny/really ugly chick KNOW I was thinking about doing that and proceeded to give me the stink eye…

*I really wanna know if it was a tranny or a really ugly chick.  Cause that tight little stretchy black dress was not doing her/him/it ANY favors.  And it confused the HELL out of me.

*I really wanna know what the hell Tubthumping by Chumbawamba is all about, other than some hoser tying one on…I can’t drink all those drinks in one night and expect to wake up for a about a week…what kind of person CAN?!?!?!

*I need someone to explain why in DECEMBER when it’s 30* is this chick still wearing a “cocktail” dress and flippy sandals to work.  Really?  cause it was inappropriate in the summer, now it’s just weird. 

*Someone explain Lady GaGa to me…seriously. 

I am apparently driven this week by a stunning lack of focus.  I can absolutely not complete one task or one thought at a time.  Which has become increasingly more frustrating for Kris (Just Kris) who will also be known as the Chick.  (it’s easier and well, I am just that lazy hitting the shift key for the parentheses is just extra keystrokes…)

I will not be surprised if by the end of the week, she’s not just walking around with a wiffle bat, ready to pop me one when I get sidetracked. 

better find that helmet…

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  I have been strictly advised by Kris (Just Kris) that she is not to be referred to as the Chick, New Old Girlfriend (or NOG for short), Lady, Princess, Punkin, Sweetness or Pookie.  So I submit to the readers…Kris (Just Kris) needs a fitting nickname, help me come up with something…?)

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