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Can you give me a jump?

So…ummm…yeah…hello.  Again.

Yes, it’s been a while, so the battery MAY be a bit dead, but once we jump start this thing, I should be able to keep it running.

oh, wait!  I’m talking about my blog…

I guess it’s been a while and while there is so much going on to report back, to mock, to vent or share…there’s almost too much.  I can’t get it grouped together in my head in a way that seems coherent to even me.  Imagine putting that random pile of crap out there…

if it doesn’t make sense to me…how will it ever make sense to anyone else?  More importantly, do you even want to know? 

well, seeing as I can’t actually put it into logical separate blogs, I guess I will dump the highlights on you and you can graze and discuss amongst yourselves…(like I have more than two people reading this anyways…)

The Girl has a Dick for an Ex.
Alas, there isn’t much more I can say for now….(counting down days…) but trust me…she’s a tool…or as known by locals in Boston, she’s a BOX…don’t believe me?  I gots a list of folks alphabetical that can back me up.  Total Dick.  Never learned about Karma…or me writing a blog.  But she will.

We made it back to Dallas. 
It was cold as hell out and the night before we moved, it was snowing…SNOWING???…shit.  I could handle the cold (no I couldn’t) but not snow.   By handling the cold, I mean, I could watch as other folks loaded and unloaded.  I would continue to pack and clean, but I wasn’t going outside unless someone caught onto my nefarious plan.  That Someone seemed to be the Respondent, being as he showed up and decided to “manage” the lesbians moving the furniture and/or fight with the Daughter in front of the lesbians who had never laid eyes on him before….well done.  There wasn’t a SINGLE PERSON THERE that didn’t go….”ahhhh!!! NOW I get it…” upon meeting the Respondent. 

We are still unpacking.  And unpacking.  And unpacking. 

We Got Snow.  And Lost Power.
Seeing as in Dallas (most of Texas) the weather can and will change IN AN HOUR!!! We have been blessed with the wonderment of record snowfall in the area, as well as spring like conditions that prompt the trees to begin blooming.  And this is wreaking havoc on (1) our heating system and (2) our allergies.  Specifically the Sons.  He can’t get over the sniffles of a cold before the sniffles of hayfever is upon him.  Thank God for Benadryl and NyQuil.  Question is, do they have support groups for OTC medications.

So we moved.  And had/have lots of boxes to unpack.  And we have busier than any time in recent memory lately…so the FIRST weekend we have nothing to do except unpack, we lose power.  Not for an hour, not for two or three hours…how ’bout THREE DAYS?!?!?!!?  yes, three long, cold days…I applaud our energy provider about getting it back on, but it might have been with more than one finger if we had gotten power back at the same time as all our neighbors.  Not that I am complaining too much, there are still folks without power and we have more snow coming tomorrow.  Did I mention that YESTERDAY I was wearing shorts?!?!!?  OUTSIDE?!?  grrrr, er, brrrr…..

The rest, well, just seems to be oh-so-bitchy and I simply don’t have the energy or sarcastic “oomph” to think about it, much less blog about it. 

There have been trips to Wal Mart (my mother ship it seems) that have been downright epic, complete with rude parents, rude cashiers and a girlfriend who can talk her way into ANY closed checkout line.  She did it twice.  Impressive I might add…

So, let’s jump the battery here and see if I can do a better job of keeping up with the stupid, mmmmkay?

4 thoughts on “Can you give me a jump?

  1. I intended to pass on a link to this nifty site that someone sent me to about a year ago. It requires you to take an oath…that you will stop kicking yourself in the ass, whining and crying about, and otherwise stop feeling obligated to blog. Seriously. Just quit. We all know you just moved – got yourself a new hottie and might otherwise be engaged in other places (IE: the bedroom or ummm walmart)
    The only thing you should feel bad about is the fact that you know that I am out here reading away and you have not at least offered me any cookies…or a glass of wine. *sniffle* LOL!

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