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There are times when you shouldn’t ask for clarification.

There are times, when it’s just better to NOT know what was said, to go along with what you THINK you heard.  This would be one of those times.

Today was a Monday.  For most, a typical Monday.  I don’t do Mondays well.  At.All. 

Today seemed to be the mother of all Mondays.  It was off to a good start.   Suprisingly.  But by lunchtime, I was plotting to overthrow the powers that be and ban Mondays.  So by the end of the day, stick a fork in me Chuck, I was done.

So I walk in the door, Kris (Just Kris) and I decided that we were gonna go get pampered.  Manis and Pedis all around. 

As I sat there, one person working on my hands, one on my feet, another grooming my eyebrows…I glanced over to see Kris (JK) getting the same treatment, sans eyebrow treatment.  This is when I should have just not asked for any clarification…

Kris(Just Kris): “mumble, mumble, mumble -ve you.”

Me:  “What?”

K(JK):  “mumble, mumble, mumble -ve you.”

Me:  “awww, I love you.”

K(JK):  “I love you too, but what I said was “Check out the view.”

Me:  *crickets*

I look down to see the pedicure technician is bent over her toesies and her shirt is , ahem, adjusted to show us her pretty bra.  Yep.  Leave it to the lesbians to get a peep show at the nail salon.  Had I not asked for clarification…I would have just been loved.

Good times.

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