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Someone, please ‘splain to me…

when did it become commonplace for folks who had affairs to  hire lawyers and SUE the other person in the ADULTEROUS affair?

and each of these “women” (I will use the term loosely, heh, heh) is suing because a MARRIED man told them that they were “the only one.”

*sniff, sniff, wimper, wimper…*

Ladies (heheheh) WAKE UP!!!  He’s married…there’s no way you can be the “ONLY ONE”…he took vows WITH ANOTHER WOMAN.  I know, you probably aren’t the smartest tool in the shed…but just because you have the morals and values of an alleycat doesn’t mean you get paid for that…

Gentlemen…as I say that with a straight face…if you wanna screw around, don’t GET MARRIED.  it will be cheaper in the long run.  And for God’s sake, well, for our sake….stop with the text messages, the voice mails, the gifts…don’t leave a damn trail.  Don’t think with the dumbstick…it never works in your favor.

And Gloria Allred…SHUT UP!!!!  You are a hack.  You are a joke.  Your 15 minutes was up twenty years ago…go chase an ambulance…

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