Mother’s Day Dialogue

Be careful and make sure you enunciate your words correctly, it will pay off in the end.  I learned that lesson this weekend, the following conversation is proof…

Kris(Just Kris):  “the Son, what do you want to get your mom for Mother’s Day?”

The Son:  “A new griddle.”

K(JK):  “really?  why?”

TS:  “Because the tampon is almost completely gone from hers.”

K(JK):  “the wha-?”

K(JK):  “oh! you mean the TEFLON!!!”

TS:  “yeah, that’s what I said!”

Thank God Kris (Just Kris) could navigate that conversation…

I could have ended up with a box of Tampax…

Thank GOD, I got begonias.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!