Donut Dialogue

These conversations just keep happening.  And sadly, the last two, I haven’t been witness to, yet how I wish I had been there, just to see a look on the face…

Backstory: the Girl, my love in life…well, she’s a police officer.  She loves what she does and it is as much a part of her as her gray hair.  She however, does not put it out there.  Meaning, she doesn’t wear her uniform all the time.  She keeps her off duty badge neatly tucked away in her wallet and unless she’s in uniform, her gun is kept hidden away. 

In other words, off duty, unless you know her, you don’t know she’s an officer.  She doesn’t walk around saying “Hey, hey, look at me, I am a PO-lice officer!”  She’s low-key and respectful.  Always respectful.

So today, we make a quick stop at Quik Trip for gas and drinks.  I, of course, go in to get said drinks, the Girl, she pumps the gas.  At this specific Quik Trip, when we pull in, we notice there are three police cars parked, two more pulling in and a motorcycle officer in the parking lot.  We don’t think twice about it. 

I walk in, the boy with me and he wonders to me why they are all there.  My response was “I don’t know,” and we move on…

the Girl however, has a different experience at the pump.

So, she’s standing, minding her own business when another person pulls in to the pump on the other side, nothing different from any other day…

Total Stranger:  “Man, look at all those cops over there.”  (They are congregating under a tree in the shade)

the Girl:  “Excuse me?”

TS:  “Those cops, there’s gotta be a dozen.  Look at ’em!”

tG:  “yeah, there’s alot of them…”

TS:  “No, look at them, they’re all fat!”

tG:  [blink, blink] “Wha-?”

TS:  “Look at ’em.  They’re all fat.  Probably going to get a donut.”

tG:  [blink, blink]

TS:  “They don’t need another donut.  They’re all fat!”


So the story is relayed to me through tears of laughter when I get in the car.  My natural response:

Steph:  “So…why do police officers eat donuts?”

tG:  [blink, condescending smile, blink, blink.]


what?  I crave knowledge…it’s a valid question, right?

Directional Dialogue.

The most random of conversations are sometimes the most funny.  Usually they involve the Daughter or the Boy…

The Boy joined Leadership Cadet Corps, he is hesitant about it, due to the militant aspect.  Mommy here LOVES it…teaching honor and respect and discipline…while doing push ups?  sa-weet…big Army guy doing the training, even sa-weeter…Love the fact that it’s about honor and discipline and making yourself and community better.  The boy is stressing over the push-ups.  He’ll be fine.

So on the second day of school, after the action/comedy of the first day…the Girl picks him up for me (cause she’s sweet-on-toast like that!) and the following conversation is relayed to me…

the Girl:  “So, how was your day?”

the Boy:  “Fine, I failed a test in LCC.”

tG:  “What happened?

tB:  “Well, he gave us a test with 25 questions on it.   The Major told us to follow directions.”

tB:  “The directions said to read all the questions first.”

tG:  “okay…”

tB:  “they were pretty easy questions, like 2+3, or what are the vowels.”

tG:  “okay…”

tB:  “Question 25 was Don’t answer any of these questions.”

tG:  “whoops….”

tB:  “I know, I answered all of them.”