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Directional Dialogue.

The most random of conversations are sometimes the most funny.  Usually they involve the Daughter or the Boy…

The Boy joined Leadership Cadet Corps, he is hesitant about it, due to the militant aspect.  Mommy here LOVES it…teaching honor and respect and discipline…while doing push ups?  sa-weet…big Army guy doing the training, even sa-weeter…Love the fact that it’s about honor and discipline and making yourself and community better.  The boy is stressing over the push-ups.  He’ll be fine.

So on the second day of school, after the action/comedy of the first day…the Girl picks him up for me (cause she’s sweet-on-toast like that!) and the following conversation is relayed to me…

the Girl:  “So, how was your day?”

the Boy:  “Fine, I failed a test in LCC.”

tG:  “What happened?

tB:  “Well, he gave us a test with 25 questions on it.   The Major told us to follow directions.”

tB:  “The directions said to read all the questions first.”

tG:  “okay…”

tB:  “they were pretty easy questions, like 2+3, or what are the vowels.”

tG:  “okay…”

tB:  “Question 25 was Don’t answer any of these questions.”

tG:  “whoops….”

tB:  “I know, I answered all of them.”

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