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Today I’m Gonna…

…be grateful that I woke up. 

…be grateful that I have two beautiful children.  No matter how batty they drive me.  Not worrying if they load the dishwasher or pick up their dirty clothes.

…be grateful that my Girl loves me.  For no other reason than I draw breath.

…be grateful that God has shown me who my true friends are.  And as painful as it is to let go of the others, it’s for the best.

…be grateful that I love my toenail polish.  It’s pretty and makes me feel silly today.

…be grateful to the guy in the office that stopped me in the hallway to tell me I had great hair. 

…be patient with the chubby guy in the minivan on the highway going 24 miles per hour.  Even chubby people need love.

…be grateful that my job rocks…truly, truly rocks!

…be grateful that my mom is back home again.  This time, for good! 

…that I am on my way to solid friendships and relationships with my family and friends.  That I feel stronger surrounded by this love everyday.

…be grateful that my faith is rock solid and ever present.

…be in love.

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