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In the name of Love…

I am sick.  Like funky under the weather, sound like a cross between a baby seal and a harmonica when I breathe, sick…blech…I have sat in bed, for a day and a half, with cough syrup and drops…for one thing…well, two things…

*To feel better.
*To make it to the Pride Parade with My Girl.

I am not sure that I am 100% but I am about 85%…so I am thinking, yeah….we can try this.

See, I have a long-held belief that if same-sex couples wanted to be treated the same as hetero couples, then we needed to act the same.  I have felt that way since I was in school.  I didn’t think that people running around in assless chaps and drag was going to help the cause.  And I had this argument over and over with the drag queen my mom lived with.

I grew up open-minded.  I grew up understanding that love took on MANY forms.  And I grew up feeling secure in the love that others had for me and for each other.  To watch two people, no matter the sexual orientation, love each other, to see that sense of completeness…it made me, it makes me happy.  To see two people so “in tune” with each other, it shows me what love is supposed to feel like.  How it’s supposed to be.

I try to show my children everyday how to live out loud.  How to live open-minded, to love each other, themselves and others with no judgements, no pre-conceived ideas of who they should be, how they should act.  To honor themselves and me, with that clarity, that we all deserve to be loved, to be honored and to be respected.

Whether I can marry my Girl or not. Doesn’t matter….just because a bureaucrat tells me that I can’t, doesn’t mean I am not committed to her.  I simply don’t need your piece of paper making it legal.  Stuff it. 

I have found that most people who say no…are unknowing, fearful of what they don’t understand.  Those who say it’s a sin, don’t actually know unconditional.  Those who say God wouldn’t have it…don’t know my faith, my relationship with God.

These folks, for me…aren’t worth the time or the breath that the argument would take.

I have gone to the Pride Parade since I was twelve.  I was surrounded by folks who were celebrating a love, a commonality.  Guess what….they aren’t all gay at the parade.  There’s a bunch of breeders there too…in fact, we will have “token breeders” with us today.  Just to level the playing field! 

It’s a time for people to come together, to just be around each other, to smile.  To shine.  Together, on common ground. 

This time around, I am a gay one.  And how, oh how, my Girl makes me shine. 

I think it deserves a Parade!

Viva la Gay!!!

One thought on “In the name of Love…

  1. The day is beautiful and you will be showered with happiness and love so there is no way you are going to feel like crap. :o) I hope you have a blast girlie.

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