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25 to Life…

On my previous blog, I was asked to do a list of 25 Things You May Not Know About Me. 

So…I decided to update my 25 Things You May Not Know About Me.  To introduce myself to newbies and re-acquaint myself with the oldsters…here.goes.

1)  I was (am) a survey ho!  With MySpace it was always the cool thing to do, to take a survey and have witty answers on there.  I actually had folks tell me that they missed it when I didn’t answer a survey for several days.  It was flattering, that my words mattered.  Still surprises me that you read anything I have to say, but at minimum these words have been looked at over 2,000 times since I started this one and well…Thank You!!!

2) I am as blind as a bat.  Seriously, if it wasn’t for my contacts, I would have to travel by sonar.  Yet, with the limitations of my vision, I am terrified of lasic surgery.  I have thought about it, but then thought “They are shooting a “laser” [insert Dr. Evil voice] into my eye.  That can’t be good”  I may be vain about my glasses (they are THICK!) but not vain enough to shoot “lasers” into my eyes.  thankyouverymuch!

3) I can’t wear shirts with collars.  I tend to think I am more claustrophobic than I wish to admit and putting a collar on my shirt makes me choke.  I think I have four shirts with collars and they are WIDE open.  I don’t own a turtleneck.

4) As much as I am a summer baby, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall.  Halloween starts the fall/winter seasons for me and it’s my favorite time of year. 

5) My favorite color is red.  A dark, deep red with NO blue undertones.  My dream is to have my bedroom this color someday but I have been told it’s very un-feng shui, so in the best interest of my karmic decorating, I have foregone the red room.  For.now.

6) I love my short hair, but I really miss my long hair.  I cut it off over a year ago and donated it to Locks of Love and have kept it short this time longer than any other time I have cut it before.  The simple reason I miss my long hair is that Suave has a shampoo that is Rosemary Mint and it smells delicious.  But with 1 1/2″ on your head, it doesn’t really matter.  *sigh*

7) I am a late in life reality show junkie.  I have dodged all seasons of Survivor and Big Brother until this past year.  I am now addicted to both and won’t miss them.  It’s a sickness…I know…

8 ) I avoid, like the plague, Lady Gaga.  She is simply like the rest of them (Beyonce, Christina, Britney, et. al.) over produced, over hyped and ridiculous.  Her songs are stupid and I think she didn’t get enough attention as a child.  Or spankings. 

9) I get distracted and sidetracked often.  OFTEN.  In fact, right now, I should be doing laundry and well…I’m not.

10) I TiVo more than I will ever watch and will record the same movie two or three times, just to watch fifteen minutes of it.

11) I can talk about three things ad naseum…my faith, my family and politics.  Not intelligently, not like I could be on Meet the Press.  But how each of the three affects me and those around me.   I leave the intelligent talk to my buddy Ursula…she rocks and once I talk to her, I feel smarter.  She may feel like she just sat through a chat session with a Disney “tween” but I am infinitely “more smarter” when she schools me.  (Thanks Urs!)

12) I worry about what others think of me.  Sometimes too much.  Sometimes not enough.  At least I care too much what the wrong people think of me.  I am working on it. 

13) If you haven’t figured out by now, I am gay.  Proudly gay.  For me it was a choice.  Deal with it.  God gave me free choice, I exercised it.  If you don’t like it, that’s on you.  I will deal with Him when I get there.

14) Neil Diamond walked me to the bathroom at Tarrant County Convention Center.  In 1996, we got to the concert hall early and I had too much Slurpee on the way…as I knocked on the glass door, a group walked up and a guy in a red plaid shirt and jeans opened the door for me.  He asked, “Need some help?”   I stared and mumbled “Bathroom.”  His reply, “Me too!  They are down here…”  I think I told him I couldn’t wait for the show or something more stupid.  But hey…Neil Diamond escorted me to the bathroom! 

15) My other celebrity stupid moment was at Albertson’s in 1992.  I had gone to get Desitin for the baby…and in front of me was Tom freakin’ Landry!!!  And his wife.  I didn’t know it was him and wondered who wore sunglasses in the grocery store at 9:30 at night.  The man was HUGE!!!!  I didn’t realize it was him until some kids walked up, asked for his autograph and ran off.  I apparently was staring a hole through him and he turned, looked, SMILED and said, “Yes, it is me.”  All I could say was “Hello Mr. Landry.”  He inquired about my baby (remember, Desitin) and I told him he was the best thing that happened to the Cowboys.  His wife walked up with a cart full of drinks and informed me their grandchildren were coming over that weekend.  My last words to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Landry:  “Have fun!”  I am such a loser…and no….did not get the autograph.  LOOOOOOser…

16) I am not athletically inclined.  Not even a little bit.  My stunning lack of enthusiasm for all things exercise are evident by my “shape.”  (Hey!  round IS a shape!) but I am determined in the coming months to get off my ass and get moving.  I don’t care how, I will do it.  Well, I do care, I don’t need some homicidal maniac to take up MY exercise routine on as their “cause du jour” and decide to chase me down the street….save that for the negligee wearing virgins in the movies.

17) Speaking of movies, I love scary movies.  Not gory.  Scary.  Yet movies about possession FREAK ME OUT…I couldn’t sleep for a week after watching Paranormal Activity and to this day, will startle awake at times, completely expecting the Son, the Daughter or the Girl to be standing over me.  Creeps me out.

18) I became a pedicure princess about 10 years ago and don’t go more than three weeks without one.  I wear the same three colors, depending on my mood.  Mostly red, this summer was coral and at times, I wear black.  I also still own the first pair of “open toe” shoes I have bought as an adult after the first pedicure and still wear them.  When I do, I get a compliment each time.  Bonus…they came from Payless and cost me $15 bucks!  They look brand new…

19) I miss the 80’s.  Everything about them.  Even parachute pants.

20) I have no patience for rudeness.  None. 

21) I am Liberal with Conservative tendencies.  I think we should all help each other until we have nothing left to give, but I believe our system is structured in such a way that we handicap the people we are trying to help.  I think we make it too easy to “milk the system” and that the people who NEED the help can’t get the help because there are lazy, worthless people standing in their way abusing it.  And some are very PROUDLY abusing the system.

22) I think politicians are all con artists.  None of them are in it for the “good of the people” any more.  And to get passionately involved with it on anything larger than a local level, you are wasting your time.  The federal level folks, got out of touch with their people long ago and aren’t in it to make anything better.  You wanna make a change, watch your city council, your civic leaders, judges….vote at that level.  It WILL make a difference. 

23) I don’t think there is a single solitary religion that has gotten it right.  None of them speak for Jesus completely and correctly.  I think there is so much of the lesson that Christ was trying to teach gets lost in the judgement of those sharing His Word.  Please don’t come at me, telling me I am living in sin.  We all live in sin.  We were born sinners and were forgiven for that sin with His sacrifice.  You are no better than me.  You digest just like I do…

24) I am a multi-tasker and can work under large amounts of stress.  In fact, when this happens, I actually am more productive and more focused than when I am caught up and have time on my hands.  My dad used to call me “the Human Hail Mary Pass.”

25) As much as I wanna be a small town girl, I am truly a city chick.  I love the energy I get from the kinetic energy of living in the city.  Now, if everyone could just learn to drive…..

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