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I am in a place where I realize that the people that mean the most to me, are right here with me.  Even distance doesn’t matter, because they are in my heart.

In this place, there is joy, there is love, there is respect and honor.  And no room for hurt. 

I have finally, FINALLY, let go of the things and people that drag me down, that make me hurt.  These things have no place in my life, in my joy, in my love.  I don’t honor or respect these people.  And the knowledge of being better off without them, brings me peace.

I am in a place, where my family comes first.  Either my family by chance or by choice, they come first.  I may not talk to my sister or my bestie everyday, but they are in my heart and in my thoughts with every moment.  My kids may frustrate me and drive me to distraction, but I now enjoy the ride with them.  My Girl has my heart, she touches my soul and I firmly believe I spent 28 years finding this….thing….I can’t describe it, only roll in it.

I am in a place where I have learned to love my imperfections, they give me character.  To love that I won’t be what or who I was, my history is my story.  To love that I am loyal and fiercely protective of those who return the favor.  And would walk through fire for those who would do the same…

I am in a most awesome place and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it for anything.

I found my bliss.

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