Sad and pathetic, yet not suprising…


I don’t know how to feel about this, other than amused.  Other than sad…for them.  They missed their mark….and yet, I choose to share their “joy” with the world.  No sense in hiding it….

My ex-best friend, the one who “dumped” me on Facebook…is now dating  my ex-girlfriend.  Yup….classy, right?

It doesn’t bother me in the sense that I am heart hurt.  It bothers me in the sense that it’s bullshit.  It’s childish. 

I think I am more bothered by the classless best friend than the ex-girlfriend.  Because in that sense, I moved on long ago.  I am happy and my life is blessed and good.  Gets better every day.

But with the “friend”…you know, the one I laughed with, the one I told my secrets to, yeah, her…well, she apparently, wanted to be me. 

I find this cowardly that I had to hear about it from others.  That neither of them had the balls to reach out and at least tell me.  Not the ex-girlfriend, but the friend…yeah…cause she’s all about loyalty and honesty.

I have found in the past few weeks that this “friend” has told so many people so many different stories about so many different things, she should write fiction.  Or date the Beast…oh, wait! she can’t…she’s dating my ex. 

Yeah…it actually amuses me. 

OK, it pisses me off.  Because I let this friend in.  I trusted her and I loved her.  And she hurt me. 

But she is decidedly not me. 

Hope they enjoy leftovers…