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My One.

Itsa mushy kind of night, I think I am gonna just burst with happy and love…so, try to control your gag reflex and let me just bask in the glow…if you need, feel free to join in…not my glow, perse….go find your own…it’s soooooo worth it!!!

I always say there is One out there for everyone.  You can THINK you found your One…and you can be ok…for a while…then you start to just know, they aren’t your One.

Then you think, “uh…if this isn’t my One, then who’s One do I have?”

hmmm….think ’bout it…

I have lived a good life.  I have had my share of ups and downs.  I don’t regret anything in my life, my history is teaching me about my future.  If I had to undo any of it…I don’t think I would be here now.  I had two incredible relationships before my One took my breath away…one made me a mother (oh, shut it…I am sure I am called a “mother-…” from both…) and the other made me strong enough to face who I was.  I wouldn’t be here without them and I don’t begrudge either of them all they deserve.  And that statement; soooooo very different for each of them!!! teehee

I am a very lucky lady…

See…I met my One 28 years ago, only, then….I didn’t know it. 

I met her when I was twelve.  I was awkward and she had a mullet.  To be fair, I did too and I had braces and large plastic glasses that had my zodiac sign screwed in the corner of them.  (SHUT it…it was the style!!!)

We have circled each other throughout our lives, tied together by a mother that was a hairdresser and our love of  “bi-level” haircuts.  As I got older, I saw her on very random occasions….driving down the street, at restaurants….random…and after I would leave her, she would stay on my mind for a bit.  But she was always my mom’s cute friend…never once did she cross my mind as my One.

We lived our lives…separately, but with the exception of the time she was halfway across the world (think Marshall Islands) she lived within 10 minutes of me.  Sometimes, within blocks.  We have only realized in our cohabitation that we shared so much more than we ever thought…we shared a pediatrician as children!  Yes, we sat in the same waiting room, maybe playing together when we were toddlers, sharing snot and blocks.  We went to the same middle school and for 6 weeks the same high school. 

I think our destiny was drawn before we drew breath. 

Now, I have this incredible person in my life.  She doesn’t back down, she doesn’t waver.  She is fiercely protective of me, of the kids, of her friends and her family.  She lives life based in reality, in fact….there isn’t any room to question her motives, her words…she is who and what she says she is.

And she simply expects the same from me. 

This love, this thing we found was not expected, it wasn’t something that was planned…but it was inevitable.  Like I have said before….it was like trying to stop a freight train with our bare hands. 

I find that everyday, I count the moments until I am around her again.  That when I see her number pop up on my phone, my heart skips a beat.  That I smile more and the laughter is non-stop.  She makes me shine. 

My kids, she loves them as if they were her own…yet she is respectful of the Respondent’s role in their lives and encourages respect and integrity with both of them.  She is driven to make things better for both of them, to instill them with faith in themselves and the will to see the good in others.  She is, for lack of any other word, a mother…

This girl, my One, fills my heart.  She touches my soul and brings me comfort and peace. 

It may have taken 28 years to find my One…but it was worth the wait…

2 thoughts on “My One.

  1. Love your blogs. You should write a book about this. It would be a hit and you have talent when it comes to writing!!

    • thanks Gayla! I love to write, when I find the time…

      I would love for the other half of my family to meet her!!! I talk often of you folks and realize everytime how much I miss all of you!!!

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