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Hey…that’s weird.

I have seen some really weird shit lately.  And because stupid and weird are like my air and water, I love it!  Just to point out to folks…

1)  To the lady in the grocery store in the lacy “thing”…it’s a grocery store, not a strip club.  We don’t need to see the girl bits and those are not the melons anyone wants to squeeze.  At least not at my Neighborhood Market and not at 8:00 on a Wednesday night.  Maybe its just me, but methinks the looks and snickers you got, were not meant in a complimentary way…oh! and maybe you should lay OFF the snickers…that lacy “thing” ain’t doing you ANY favors…

2) To the mommy that let her kid pee in the parking lot at my job…that car next to you, is MINE.  We have a potty inside, you are welcome to use it, it’s in the lobby…it’s cleaned everyday…she’s welcome to it.  Now I gotta step in 6 year-old tinkle to get in my car…thanks for that!

3) To the motorcyclist that is riding the white lines down the tollway in rush hour traffic.  You aren’t a bad ass…you have on white socks and black shoes.  You are an idiot.  Knock that shit off…you are gonna pull up on someone with strung out reflexes and full coverage…it won’t end well…stay in your lane.

4) To the guy in the car painted to look like a giant Nutter Butter…well done.  I tried to keep up with you to see if you had free samples…slow down.

5) To the guy behind me this morning heading for the freeway…the Jason mask hanging from the rear view mirror…freaks my ever-loving shit out!!!!  I can’t see you in the dark, behind the wheel of the car, all I can see in my rearview mirror….you guessed it…Jason mask.  Creepy.

I haven’t seen a lot of stupid or weird lately, made me feel good to have some almost everyday this past week.  It makes me feel like the universe is spinning in the correct direction again.  I may even venture to a Wal Mart and test my luck…

Wish me weird…

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