With this paper, I thee wed.

It’s amazing.  Truly amazing.  How one plain white sheet of paper with black letters can stir such emotions.

The Girl and I have decided to take the vows.  We’ve been talking for months.  The kids are on board, the family is on board…it’s two people, in love, deciding to commit to each other.

So we got an application for marriage from the State of Iowa.  Folks, let me tell you, when I held it in my hands, it didn’t burn me.  It wasn’t written in disappearing ink, it was simple and straight (pfftp!) forward. 

And it’s the same application for both hetero and same-sex marriages.  No fine print, no extra fees.  The same.  I dare say, it’s equal.  There’s not a separate set of rules for either sex, nor is there a special password or certain day of the week we can do it.  It’s the same.  Equal.

Here’s my thoughts, I will walk through the doors, I will say my vows to my Girl, in front of a judge or minister, whichever we decide and I will make those vows, to her, to my Lord….to myself.  To love and honor, to protect, to care for in sickness and health.  The same vows a man and a woman would take.  It’s equal.

I will walk out of those same doors and be the same person I was before the ceremony.  I won’t instantly grow horns or sprout a tail.  I won’t begin eating babies or sacrificing small animals.  I will still be me.  Only the other half of a whole.  An equal half.

And I don’t think that the sanctity of marriage will be in jeopardy or that 20,000 hetero marriages will suddenly fail because I married a girl.  

I don’t understand the hub-bub that this is going to cause.  The hand wringing, the wimpering.  It’s not going to infringe on anyone else’s right to wed, vote, bear arms, purchase alcohol, etc.  The world will not begin to spin counter-clockwise nor will the Earth fall off its axis. 

So for those that this is going to bother, I am sorry….wait, no, I’m not.  That’s on you.  That’s your judgement.  Not mine.  Not my God’s.  And your opinion will not matter to me one little bit.  Because at the end of the day, I will lay my head on my pillow.

With my wife next to me.