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So it’s a week into a new year.  For some, it’s a whole new start to something fresh, something wonderful, something amazing. 

For others, like me, it’s the start to another great year…wondering if THIS year can top last year.  Life has been many things, trying, sad, scary, melodramatic (hey…I have kids…) and at all times, life has been good to me.

I decided NOT to do my yearly “I’m Thankful For” list this past NYE.  Nor did I post a blog summarizing my life and how I came through it stronger, more faithful, more loved, blah, blah, blah.  If you have read this, you get that.  I live a charmed life.  *knocks wood*

I decided with the New Year, not to make any resolutions.  Not to put undo pressure on myself to live up to any expectation other than the one in my head that I live by everyday. 

Do unto others. 

That’s all.  I resolve to love other people like I love me.  To treat others like I want them to treat me.  Everyday. 

See, I’m not a big dreamer.  I don’t need to be my own boss, or run my own company.  I don’t have to have the whole world adore me.  I have not ever needed to be the center of attention.  I am happy and comfortable in my “ample” skin.  I may not ever be a size 6, or have 20/20 vision.  I won’t have thick long hair or perfect teeth.  I am authentically me.  I think I am gonna stick with that.

Every moment that I live, I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a partner and a friend.  And that is 100% enough for me. 

I can only look as far as the end of my nose and see love, see support and see peace.  These sweet shining faces in my home.  They are the breath that I depend on. 

I have found the funny again.  There are people who simply don’t know any better.  And they are inspiration divine for me.  I almost drove off the road on Thursday as I was talking to the Girl and lo and behold, I thought I had seen my Unicorn Man. (side:  for those who don’t know…I used to see a man walking to McDonald’s daily with his hair fashioned into a “horn,”  I haven’t seen him for a while and have been distressed about it.)

So, I am driving home from work, through downtown and there he is….walking down the street.  My first thought was “Unicorn Man!  You are alive!”   My next thought being “When did you move from the ‘burbs?”  My Girl, not at all knowing what the hell I was talking about asked me and I had to explain the blog post, the McD’s and the Unicorn Man. 

Then I said, “but his horn is different, it’s not straight up, it’s like, folded back, pointing behind him.”

My Girl just decided….“It must me his cousin.”

See now why I love her…she is PERFECT for me. Yes? 

It’s good to see humor in all things.  To see humor in the lady at the grocery store looking for the label on an orange and not having a good time with it.   Or to see the Wal-Mart greeter watch my every step, as I am watching her…she just knows I am up to no good…

It’s the New Year. 


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