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Shut up. Sit down.

I have tried to remove myself from most of the political and religious conversations I used to find myself getting into for one reason and one reason only…it doesn’t seem to matter.

There is not one thing I am ever going to say that will change someone’s mind regarding healthcare, taxes, immigration or social security. 

There is not one thing I am ever going to say that will change someone’s mind regarding the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, life hereafter, the Apocalypse or salvation. 

And I am ok with that.  The world as I see it has gotten to the point that most folks don’t look past the end of their nose or actually take the time to form an informed opinion on anything.  Most people will post on their Facebook some snippet of something and we all know, it’s not true unless it’s posted on Facebook.  

Then you have the blowholes like Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh or Sarah “in it for the photo-op” Palin.  And these folks need to THINK before they speak.  Seriously.  If you can’t take responsibility for what you say, then shut the fuck up.

I am all for First Amendment Rights.  Up to a point. 

Here’s the point:  I am all for First Amendment Rights until they are used to HARM someone else.  And folks, as we are learning everyday in every way….words hurt.  Some words, kill.   Words can incite happiness, sadness, rage, peace, hositlity, reconciliation and violence.  It’s been proven again and again.  History is full of examples.  We are living the ying and yang of it everyday.

I don’t think my grandfather, friends, family, friends of family, etc have fought in wars, given life and limb for their call of honor, did so to protect the First Amendment Right of folks who so carelessly abuse it.

Free speech is a right.  It is an honor.  It is something to be used to BETTER people’s lives.  It’s to be used as a platform for greater good, not for tearing people down, exposing petty small differences and it’s certainly not to be used to further ones own selfish agenda.

I think that people who become celebrity for ANY reason has a responsibility to the people who listen to them, watch them, emulate them, or dream of being just like them.  Singers, actors, athletes, politicians, etc….the whole lot of them, if you want the public to LOOK at you, to LISTEN to you, then you need to THINK about what you do and what you say.  It will affect lives.

If you can’t be positive, be truthful, be authentic, then shut up.  Sit down.

We are at our very core, debasing everything that our forefathers once held to so dearly.  We, as a society have become what we feared.  We have become a judgemental, negative, hateful and hurtful society.  When those who are hurting are down, we kick them. 

And put it on the internet.  On YouTube, on Facebook.  And on television.  And we all watch. 

If you are given a platform in front of a camera, on the WorldWideWeb, in print, use it wisely.  Use the First Amendment Right in the spirit it was meant. 

This sad excuse of a man, Jared Loughner is getting the one thing he wanted.  Attention.  I know when my kids act out and want attention for a negative action, they go to their room.  They get NO attention until they act right.  And for ANYONE to take the horror of his actions and put the blame on anyone but him, in any way, is dishonoring thousands.  So Rush, shut up.  Sit your fat ass down and count your blessings.  I didn’t think it was possible for me to think less of this pathetic excuse for a human, but he showed me that I can. 

I read that Freddie Phelps and his inbred clan are going to protest the funeral of the 9 year-old that was taken WAY before her time….all I will say is about that is, Fred, you and yours have a special place in hell. 

My heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones this weekend, my respect goes to the heroes of the day and my prayers go to the families of all of them.

My heart, my pride and my prayers will always stay with those who protect me and mine.  Here at home and abroad.  For they are the SAME people who protect the rights of these small-minded people, because they are charged with doing so.  The soldiers may not agree with the politics of it, but they damn sure will die for it.  I dare say Rush, Glenn Beck or Stupid Palin wouldn’t do the same.

Folks, no one has gotten ANY of it right.  Not a single political party, not a single religion.  There isn’t any harmony.  And until we work together in unison it won’t work.

Until we can do that, to put our differences aside, then do us all a favor…

Shut up.  Sit down.

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