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I have been told.

That all things happen for a reason.  I have seen the lesson in many things, I am still waiting for the lesson in others. 

Such as:

Why, oh why, do I continuously get behind the slowest car?

Why do I always seem to walk in a crowd, at a festival, so the strollers find my heels?

Why does my wife always seem to enjoy Wal Mart after midnight? 

Why do folks find the need to create drama where there just isn’t any?

I have been told that I have an inquisitive mind, that I am bubbly, that I am chill.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the stupid surrounds me.  Don’t get me wrong, it amuses me to no end.  But I am scared to drive on the roads with these folks…but ABC, while you are cancelling soaps for more reality….create some sort of show surrounding the simpleton.  Oh wait, you already got the Kardshians…my bad.

I have been told I have the patience of Job and the impatience of a toddler.  I don’t need a middle round…I like to keep folks on their toes. 

I have been told I seem lighter, more clear…well, I have chucked off the drama, the angst and the unbearable weight of those that want to put it in my life….and I can’t begin to tell you the peace that comes from losing the walking, talking bullshit that surrounded me for so long. 

I have been told that I am at times naive and gullible.  I want to say I am optimistically cynical. 

I have been told I am a bitch.  What you may not understand, is that is only when you cross me or my loved ones…. and I will take it and take it until you back me into a wall…you will walk away with a limp and I will walk away with my pride.  You will always think of me and I won’t give you one more thought.

I have been told I trust too much.  Not anymore….learned that lesson and made it through the fire…

I have been told I am strong.  It’s because of those that surround me.  That I choose to protect, that I love.  I am strong because I gather strength from those relationships. 

I have been told I am very loved.  And I belive it.  To.my.core.

I have been told she’s loved me for a lifetime.  I will love her the rest of mine.  I believe I always have.

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