God give me strength.

I am at it again…I have three, count ’em THREE open positions in my department.  And truth be told….I hate interviewing people.  

I wanna say, “Can you add?”  “Can you walk and chew gum?”  “Do you have your own hair?”  If you answer yes to ANY of these three….I want to hire you and be done.

But it’s a room full of women…and I have trained them well.  They will eat the weak.  I love that!

So, folks, say a prayer…for me, for my team….for the newbies. 

And Lord, when I tell them it’s in Hutchins, don’t have them reply, “Oh!  where’s that?!!?”  If you don’t live in Texas…or even the metroplex, why are you applying?!?!  I have them as far away as Oklahoma…what gives?  I guess if you gots a great resume…I might think about it.  But you best bring your A-game to the interview.  I.am.ruthless.

Cause, I may need a snack…