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So today is Mother’s Day…a day to celebrate all things Mother.  Guess I should say something nice about my momster…

Wait…Ima mommy….celebrate ME!

Well, I am blessed and grateful beyond words for my two tax deductions.  They are a constant source of laughter, head scratching, hand wringing and laundry.  (I don’t care what the Daughter says, if I have to take it from the washer and dryer to put in a basket or on your chair…I am still assisting with your laundry…)

I get them.  As much I am allowed to get them.  They are kids, their whole goal in life is to attempt to keep things from me and give me as much grief as possible.  There are things that I know that I wish I didn’t know and things they don’t know that I know that they wish I didn’t know. 

I know that I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything or anyone.

I do believe I owe a few apologies, first to my mother, then to my children….as it is Mother’s Day….so much more the fitting.

Mommy, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize for…

  • Trying to sell my baby sister for rocks.  I was three…and I really liked those rocks.
  • Having an aversion to clothing, yet a love for the ice cream truck, and these two things were not mutually exclusive….
  • Riding the dog like a horse.  All the time.
  • Hiding my toothbrush.  And my shoes.  And said baby sister.  (I was three…)

 And for my children, I apologize for…

  • Every tape we owned of Barney and Teletubbies.  I know, I know….but still, it’s a giant Purple Dinosaur and well, what the hell were the Teletubbies?
  • 7:30PM bedtime.  Mommy needed some down time.  And wine….
  • Awkward clothing that was “so cute” at the time.  Please don’t dress me like that in the home…
  • Velcro tennis shoes.  ’nuff said…

 I have grown up and learned so much from these two. 

  • I have learned that it is important to teach them, to lead by example.  As much as you think they don’t pick up on, they will…whether you want them to or not!
  • They have taught me that pure love, is unconditional.  No matter how hard they push at me, I will love them to my end. 
  • No matter how hard they scream and yell, I can always get an octave higher.
  • There are no known cures for housework allergies.  Meaning, no matter how much I beg, plead, hint or bribe, they will get downright ill at the mere thought of a vacuum, duster or mop.  And dishes?  forget.it.

I have been given a gift from these two that will forever be the best gift anyone can ever give me.


I have had conversations with both of my kids that have led each of them to share with me what I have hope and prayed to have shared with them.  The one thing I thought they weren’t doing, they were….they were listening…they were watching.  Me. 

According to my tax deductions, they have learned:

  • Family is family.  No matter how they fuck up.  No matter how much we fight….we are family.  We come together to celebrate, to mourn, to support and to mock unmercifully.  We are family.  No one gets in between us and those we consider as such. 
  • Family is more than genetics.  Yes, some people suck…but keep the ones worth loving. 
  • Speak up.  Find your voice.  If you don’t agree with something, say something.  (This HAS come back on me a time or two in SPECTACULAR fashion…)
  • I will do anything and everything I can to ensure they are happy, healthy and safe. 
  • Hugs help.  Everything.  Everytime. 
  • Chew with your mouth closed.  Be respectful and pick up after yourself.  Specifically, this rule applies when they are at someone else’s home.  Because that’s what I hear…“You’re children are so well-behaved!!!  So respectful!!!”  I just stare blankly and wonder if they are talking about mine….but apparently they are…

Folks always think they parent better than the next fool out there, how they would do things different if they had my two, or their own…if you think you can do better, go pop a couple out….let me know in twenty years how you did.  I am proud of mine.  My mom is proud of me.  I will be proud of the parents my children will be. 

My job, my mommy job, is the best thing I have ever done.  I am at my core, a mommy….I was born to be one.

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