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Photo Challenge – Day 7.

Day 7 – A picture of your most treasured item.

So we, the wife, the daughter and I were cleaning the garage out one Saturday several months back…the discussion turned to me and how I let people affect me. After some tense conversations regarding me, how I let folks walk all over me, how I care more about what the wrong people think of me than the right people…all things that at the time, I knew were true and I was a work in progress.  I felt pretty raw, pretty emotional and that “they” were winning…I dug into the dust and dirt…

Then my wife was digging in a box with her back to me, the daughter doing something else and I found….this….

Sometimes, there aren’t enough words…

I couldn’t speak.  I think the only sound that escaped me was a whimper, because the wife and the daughter both turned and rushed to me.

If this wasn’t, in that moment, heaven-sent to show me my worth….then I don’t know what is…

My father has been gone for 13 years.  I haven’t seen this certificate in at least twenty years, I didn’t even know I had it!  It was as if my dad was looking at me saying “Yes, Stephanie, listen to your daughter, listen to your wife….they love you, they know you…suck it up and let go of those that drag you down.  You are amazing and loved….”

And I am again, speechless, thinking of that moment, on that day….when others were winning.

Daddy lifted me up and the tide turned, right.about.then.

Thanks Dad!

One thought on “Photo Challenge – Day 7.

  1. Wow! Wow! I love how he is still with us after all these years. That brought me to tears. How amazingly beautiful!?!

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