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Photo Challenge – Day 11.

Day 11 – A picture of something you hate.

If you know anything about me from reading this, it is simple….this ONE thing, burns through me like fire…

It’s the most damaging, hurtful thing that can happen to anyone and everyone is quick to make one.  I am not 100% innocent of this, I am human.  I will judge things many times, in the end scolding myself for doing so.

I am of the opinion, if you don’t know the person, if you don’t know the circumstances, then shut the hell up, sit down and mind your own business.  I figure, if you are living right, then you WON’T worry about judging something or someone else.

I have learned that when someone judges you or what you are doing, they are (1) fearful of the unknown (2) closed off to any possibility or (3) jealous. 

Pretty simple. 

I have been judged by many.  My statement to them is easy and simple….

If you think you know me well enough to judge me, to judge what I do or who I associate myself with…then you absolutely do not know me at all.  You can THINK you know me, you can THINK you know what I am about…but you don’t know shit.    You don’t get to judge me…only one will do so and I guarantee, He doesn’t take YOUR opinion into account of my actions.  You don’t get any sort of say-so in my life, my final test.  Keep your judgements to yourself, because no one truly cares.  And you are wasting your breath, your energy and your life judging me when I.don’t.care.

Your loss.  Not mine.

I am me.  I learned as a child, you look past a person’s gender, their family, their job…you look AT THEM.  If you judge before you take a chance, hear all sides, see inside, actually speak to someone, you might miss a life changing moment.

I live for those moments, those people, those places and those times.


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