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Photo Challenge – Day 19

Day 19 – A picture and a letter.

So, I know that this is calling for a photo and a letter that is personal and that means something to me…but I am going to give you this…

A picture of a letter…or a note as it were…

Before Cell Phones and text messages…this is what you did….old school!

So, Daddio was a pack-rat of the highest degree and kept everything….upon his death and clearing of his home, I came across boxes from my childhood; boxes of Barbies, of baby clothes, of photos and a box full of notes from my high school days.  So, with this challenge that should really be called The-30-Day-Challenge-That-Is-Taking-Stephanie-FOREVER, I opened the note box and have spent the better part of the evening reading and laughing…trying to conjure memories of last names, of places, of people…

I love every one of these notes…and hold my friends, Ursula, Shawna, Robin, Jeana, Lynne, Michelle and Camille in my fondest of memories and so close to my heart…these friends, these notes, bring back a time of innocence, of drama, of longing…it is simply amazing.

And as amazing as it is, I have a few observations:

  1. What the hell is the Max factor?  I have notes from no less that FIVE of my friends that all dated, made out with, snuck out with and god knows what else with this man?  At the time, I was over the moon “in love” with Max….and that dick he was, he went with ALL my friends and they in turn TOLD ME ALL ABOUT IT…..and one actually states “You don’t know what this feels like, going with him, because you never have….”  No….all my friends did.  But thanks.
  2. We were some boy-crazy fools.  For the following in no specific order:
    *  Ernie
    *  Sean
    *  Chris
    *  Kevin
    *  Steve
    *  David

    I mean seriously!!!! It was all about the boys and our endless scenario planning of how we would tell them, exactly what we would say, or better, what our friends would say…

  3. My handwriting hasn’t changed much since 7th grade.  Which is either a good thing or a sad thing.
  4. Even as young as twelve, I was a person that people came to with their secrets to keep.  I have “one-off” letters from random people who say things like, “I know we aren’t BFF, but I feel like I can talk to you.” Or “I need to talk to someone, please listen…”  I think I missed my calling.
  5. We were artistes.  The doodling, the drawings all of it….are hysterical! Band names, boy names, funny faces, block letters…it’s all there.
  6. I also have spiral notebooks that we would pass back and forth…THOSE are the true timeline…and these are my magical journey to the 80’s…the music, the styles, the movies…again, the innocence.

There are so many to choose from, but some I will not post, because they are mine, they are special…some have last names and if you know me…that I don’t do.  I will put a first name out here and other than my own name, I keep the others neutral…unless you know me, then you know who they all are…

There is the one from Ursula about a certain boy Richard and some blue glittered underwear.  It had me in tears.

There is the one from Robin about shrimp and raspberry gum….and her eternal fascination with all things Steven Tyler.

There is the one from Camille, apparently I pissed her off and she states she hopes someone stomps my butt someday and when I am older, all my friends leave me and I am truly alone.  She ends it with a “LYLAS Cammie” and a “PS, Mr. Neal’s test is easy, just know letter buys and story problems.  Call me later!”  (I am sure there are one or two people who would like to friend her on Facebook…relax, she’s not there and well….she still Loves Me Like A Sis, according to the most recent e-mail I got from her!!!)

There is the one from Michelle that tells me that “Freaks Rule!” and she wants to get backstage at Kiss.  She was a Paul Stanley addict it seems and I was all about Gene Simmons (had to be the tongue!!!)

At one point, it seems to be all about my prom dress and a BLACK CADILLAC (I told Crystal to shove a limo up her nose!).  And there are several notes about dress shopping, the mall, Godfathers Pizza and JJ Muggs.

Oh….I am smiling, I am remembering and I am loving the fact that many of these people are still in my life.  And I can’t wait until we can sit and dig through these and talk….talk….and talk!

for my NMHS family….Go Stallions!!!!  Big Blue Rules!!!

One thought on “Photo Challenge – Day 19

  1. Haha too funny! I am glad that my handwriting HAS changed! Seeing this notes leaves me with some questions… Why did I call you Rocky? What was happening that night that was going to be so awesome? What does “sic” stand for and why is it so funny? And who the heck is Jerry???! Ahhh, good times. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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