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Photo Challenge – Day 21.

Day 21 – A picture of something you wish you could forget.

I don’t want to ever forget anything.  I live my life learning from my mistakes.  For instance:

  1. Trust my instincts….if someone seems to be a jerk…leave them in the past, don’t contact them on MySpace, Facebook, by smoke signal or carrier pigeon….they will alway be a jerk and you are to run far, far away….
  2. Trust specific people…when Kenner calls someone walking bullshit…do not date them…they ARE walking bullshit.
  3. Trust your feelings….when you find someone who takes your breath away and you can’t catch it…marry them.  In Iowa…
  4. When it comes to family…forgive.
  5. When it comes to money…don’t loan, give.
  6. Don’t keep score.  It’s a waste of time and you come off looking petty.  I spent years keeping score with the Respondent…I have learned to let that go…he won’t be anything more than he is and I won a long time ago…
  7. Love like there is NO tomorrow.
  8. Snorting WHILE laughing is awesome and the best ever.  And you can NEVER laugh or smile enough.
  9. Lead by example…most won’t learn from listening, they will learn from watching and experiencing.
  10. Don’t be afraid to hug someone…you never know when they need it or for what reason…

I want to remember everything.  Every word, every lyric, every walk in the sand, every “I love you!”  I want to remember the joke, the punch line and the end of the movie.

I want to remember the hurts, the sorrow, the healing and the forgiveness.  I don’t want to forget anything.

I have been blessed with an amazing memory and retention skills for all things useless….I can’t remember where I left my keys or to call the doctor (again!) before he comes and straps me down…but I can remember people, places, situations and I can change MY behavior.  Maybe not theirs, but mine is all I am responsible for.

I have said it before…I wouldn’t change anything about my past….it led me to my present and is shaping my future.  I wouldn’t have these memories if I changed one thing…

And I am REALLY digging where I am now….my life rocks!


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