Photo Challenge – Day 23.

Day 23 – A picture of your favorite book.

I am sure you are expecting some grand novel or rare obscure reading….actually, I was trying to find something that would make me look way smarter, more existential than I am….but all I got is this…


I STILL have my copy of this book…from my childhood and I have read to both my kids dozens and dozens of times….

I can identify with Toad, the cynical, moody Toad.  Not that I AM a Toad….most days.  But I love the story of true friendship.  The kind that two people balance each other out.  That one compliments the other and the sweetness that comes from that…

I had all four at one time…now I have the first one…someday, I will complete that set…just like my Frog completes….me…(I had NO choice….)

I think I am gonna go find it now and catch up with some old friends!