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Photo Challenge – Day 26.

Day 26 – A picture of something that means a lot to you.

Many, many things run through my mind…my faith, my kids, my wife, my family…but they all know and they have already all been featured and well…I gotta keep their egos somewhat in check…so, this is a photo of somethings that mean a lot to me…

My friends, my soul sisters, my passion in life…the ones who are there, through thick and thin…who love me for me…

There are several that are missing from this picture, that makes them NO LESS important to me than this group does.  For my Sam & Glenn, for Pam and Maria, for Morgen and Dana….you too, are my dearest, my sweetest…I am so glad I met you, got to know you, reconnected with you and found a new appreciation for those around me. 

Folks, you won’t find people like this anywhere. They are amazing…from the hug when I walk through the door, to the phone call or text message just to let me know they care…I am in it with this group for the long haul.

And for as much as I will forever have their back…they have mine.  And that brings me a world of peace.  And happy…lots and lots of happy…

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