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Photo Challenge – Day 27.

Day 27 – A picture of yourself and a family member.

I haven’t said much about these folks, but they are from my earliest memories, all sewn together as one…

Me (in the middle) with DebraDeanGayla.

This is in my backyard on Harvey and I was abbbbout….3, maybe 4…but I think 3.  ( I was SO cute…pfftp!)

These three were my first friends (well, with the exception of Johnny Buss that I followed around EVERYWHERE!) but it was always us…

They are my first cousins on my dad’s side…and before long, there was a Cindy and much later a Cheryl.  So I have lots of family that sadly, I miss more than I can admit, because it’s foolishly been way too long with most of them being so close.  *sigh*

Dean, seriously, the only boy cousin I have…has features and looks of his Uncle Sam.  And it hurts my heart and makes me love him more.

Gayla, the one chick I wanted to be like, ALL the time.  And my goodness, how she loved playing with me.  I couldn’t wait to see Gayla.

Debra…this chick is cool.  Always was…even as a young child, I remember thinking…”I will never be Debra.”  She is like Joan Jett cool…and TINY!!!  holy cow! she’s so cute!

I miss my extended family.  My Aunt Dovie, the second cousins I have never met…the cousins I never see.

Methinks a family reunion should be planned.  If for no other reason that I can play with my cousins again!

For all of you…my debradeangayla…my Cindy and yes, even Cheryl….you have a part of my heart…the best part of my past, of my dad, your uncle, our grandmother lives within each of us…

I miss you and love you very much!

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