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Republican, stupidity, tomato, tahmato….

From my archive and with her “reminder” today, I only find it fitting that I break out an oldie, but goodie.

Freedom of speech does not mean, get out there, show your ass and fill the world with your hateful and hurtful rhetoric…

Suck eggs Sally Kern, suck eggs…


March 10, 2008 – Monday

Current mood: pissed off


Meet Sally Kern, one peach of a Republican…..


This woman is a STATE REPRESENTATIVE for Oklahoma.  While I agree that she has every right to hate me and others like me and to voice her opinion, I don’t for one moment believe that she deserves the right to speak out in a manner such as this and be a “representative” of a collective whole of people who chances are, do not feel as she does.

Sally Kern ranting about gays.

If you know anything about me, I am not a politically forward person for the most part, I am getting more so, paying attention more, so below is the e-mail I sent to Sally Kern just now.  While I was good and pissed.


Ms. Kern,

You are not my state representative, however, I am shocked and saddened by your speech.  You may not have wanted everyone to hear it, but I am shocked that you wanted anyone to hear it.  You should be embarassed and ashamed of yourself.  I sincerely doubt that you are.  That saddens me too.

Apparently, I am trying to convert toddlers (gotta get that toaster oven), I am much more dangerous than any terrorist and that I am diseased.

Well, “Ms.” Kern, you are who I think is more dangerous, your words are more powerful than mine.  You are the one I think is diseased, your heart is filled with hate for people you will never know.  I feel sad for you.

I feel sad that school teachers struggle day in and day out to teach our children to be intelligent and strong and you single handedly set them back.  Why do they spend their time teaching these children to be fair and respectful and you can’t muster the same?  You should be ashamed!

I am sad that you stereotype people in Oklahoma.  I know people in Oklahoma and transplanted from Oklahoma.  They are dear sweet people without an ounce of this hate in them.  You do not represent the Oklahoma they are proud to call home.  Not with this speech.

I am sad that you Ms. Kern, don’t know me and yet wouldn’t care to get to know me because I love a girl.   Your loss, not mine.  Definitely not mine.

Lastly, I am sad at how many THOUSANDS of US soldiers over the decades have lost their lives to protect your ignorant, hate filled free speech.

And by the way, Ms. Kern…..there have been gays around the ol’ USofA for SEVERAL decades……’bout as long as Republicans.

Thank you, for showing me EXACTLY why I vote Democrat.



Oklahoma representative Sally Kern refused to apologize for her disgusting statements this past weekend.

Instead, she defended her hateful words.


If YOU wanna let good ol’ Sally know how you feel, we suggest you get in touch with her!

Ms. Kern’s contact information:

Capitol Address:
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Room 332
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 557-7348.

District Address:
2713 Sterling Ave.,
Oklahoma City, OK 73127.

Email: sallykern@okhouse.gov



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