Happy New Year Y’all…

So, it’s the Eve of a new one.  It is true…the older you get, the faster time flies.   My head is full of nonsense and since this is my blog, allow me a moment to ramble…

I relish in my 40’s, not at all shy about my age, I wear it like a battle shield.  I have earned every experience, every mistake, every joy and every reward.  Damn….I.am.tired.

So, it’s the Eve, and I am filled with joy, happy and anxiety….are the carpet cleaners gonna be here on time?  The lawn guy?  And are the guests gonna show up?

New Year’s is about resolutions, to hope and to commitment.  It’s about new starts after old stops.  It’s about beginning.

Maybe this next year, I’ll get serious about a book.  Writing is an escape for me, it’s a hobby….not sure what I would every write about, but then, I have been blogging for years and I have found words for this….but it’s free, would anyone pay to read what I have to say?

I will see this year out with a few of my dearest and my closest.  Me and the wife, Morgen and the wife….we are hosting and bringing in the New Year with friends full of love and laughter.  I can’t wait!

New Year will bring yet another trip to Graceland.  This time with the wife, Ursula and her hubs.  As written to me in a text “I’m feeling pretty damn lucky today that we are both in a place that we can be like “Let’s meet at Graceland!” and it’s not just a big pipe dream…”  Amen to that Urs….I am so proud of the both of us, who ever thought, back in the day, sitting in your room, that we would ever dream to do such a thing.  I love you my friend!

Christmas was filled with such love, for the first time, EVER, I got to wake up with my bestie, my Kenner in the house.  This chick is my strength and my rock.  I no longer wonder where I stand, I know it’s back-to-back with this one and we are forever friends…I will even watch her favorite movie with her…again and again…cause that’s what friends do!  This chick is the goods and I love her dearly.

My kids, my family…they fill me up with love.  The daughter said it was her best Christmas ever…which brought tears to many an eye, simply because you want to give them their heart’s content and when you do, you feel accomplished.  The Boy, hasn’t begun to speak yet, still so busy with his new games and new phone, I am assuming it’s his best yet too!

My wife, my love in life….words don’t express the depth of my feelings for this lady.  She is the other half to me and I treasure each and every moment in time.  She makes my everyday Christmas and I am the luckiest person breathing because she chose me.  She chose me first, last and every moment in between.  She loves me like no other and that gives me a sense of peace and centeredness that is impossible to explain.

I look forward to 2012.  2011 rocked, flew by, but was amazing….I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Happy New Year WorldWideWeb family….Happy New Year!

Be safe, be kind, love out loud!


NoH8. Ever.

I want to share a link with you.  I want to share an experience with you.  I want to share a feeling with you.

It’s the feeling of belonging to something bigger than you.  More powerful with each person.  It’s a feeling of WE can affect a change.  It’s within each of us.

In October, I, along with my wife and two of my dearest friends, participated in the Dallas NoH8 Photo Shoot.  It was simple enough, show up, look pretty, wear white and share a message.

A message that is simple….there’s not room for hate in love.  Love is love.  Period.  End.of.story.

Adam Bouska started this movement, to silently protest Prop 8 in California.  And he has continued to spread the word, to share the fight, to take breathtaking photos of everyday people who only have ONE thing in common.

We love.

Check his website, join the cause…. visit here.

And check this out….

photo courtesy of Adam Bouska


Wow!  Has it really been 60+ days since I actually had anything to say?!?  Not really….but a nasty case of writers block and a surly temperment for a spell reigned in any attempt to write quippy, sweet or positive anything….best I keep the BS to a minimum, you aren’t really hear to listen to me bitch about all things Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann or the Respondent are you?  nah….me either…I don’t have the energy….

It’s been a busy couple of months, I have seen three trips to Houston, a trip to Galveston, a trip to Nashville, Memphis, Hot Springs and last but not least New Braunfels.

I have seen Houston Space Center, Schlitterbahn, the Blue Bird Cafe, the Ryman, Graceland and some of the prettiest driving ever….

I have survived three trips to the State Fair…opening day with Richard & Jami (and fabu Sandy!), two weekends later  with Kenner, Cory & the wife (narrowly missing a run in with a Human Turd), and closing weekend with the family.  I have survived beer, corny dogs, beer, giant stuffed animals, face painting, beer….indigestion.

I have survived a trip to Six Flag remarkably close to the end of the said fair…and I needed beer…

I have survived the summer spent in hell….literally, it was hotter than just that all friggin summer, burned off any reminder that we spent several weekends, several hundred dollars, sweat, Ibuprofen and beer, laying St. Augustine in the backyard.

I survived assisting (supervised…I digress) in moving folks from Wylie to Garland, from Las Colinas to Garland….what is the fascination with the “Land of Gar” folks?  I just got the wife out of there a couple of years ago (you’re still welcome Beast! 😉 lol…not really)

I survived Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving TIMES two….in one day….and so far too many holiday functions to count.  And I have two more weekends to get through, plus hosting a NYE fete with Kris, Morgen and her Mrs.

Holy hell…..


I love my life.  I love my life.  I love my life.

Wanna know what I love….

That with the trip to Galveston and the Space Center, I got to see the boys eyes light up with wonder and with imagination.  That on the beach, we could play and sit and talk and build sand castles….and his smile set me free.

That with the State Fair, I got to experience it with two of my favorite people….I got to eat Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammiches with Sandy and Fried Frito Pie with my Kenner.  I got to see Rozann and Misty….I got Fletchers….I got to take my kids and ride the Texas Star (I did it…I didn’t enjoy it at first, but would totally do it again!)

With Six Flags, my kids got to do something I have never been able to do with them….Six Flags…they loved the roller coasters, well, Maggie did….Riley is my chicken little and stayed right next to mamma….

With the trip to Nashville, I spent some truly quality time with my wife.  Truly, just the two of us.  Alone, exploring….and I fell more in love with her with every moment.  We were there for the beginning of Occupy Nashville which was awkward…and saw the Parthenon and a 42′ statue of Athena, talk about making me feel petite…

With the trip to Graceland, I got to experience something I never thought I would…I got to see Elvis through her eyes…I don’t have words for how amazing this experience was.  Other than we are planning a trip in less than a month to go back with Ursula and her Mr. if I can swing year end reporting at work….(I’ma workin’ on it, I’ma workin’ on it…)

And now, Christmas is upon us.  House is decorated, with the exception of some finishing touches that I plan to hit this weekend…shhhh….the wife doesn’t know…yet.

Life is good.  Life is not to be taken for granted.  Each day is a blessing.  Each person who I come in contact with impacts my life in that moment.  And I don’t have anyone in my life that impacts it negatively.  At all.

From the cashier at the grocery store who knows my name, that I know her sons by name….to the sales rep that makes me smile, just by frustrating me because he doesn’t know better.

From the mother that finds me to be her favorite hobby and calls me about the most random of things to the sister, who with her faith, finds the silver lining in EVERYTHING.

From the bills, to the laundry.  From the alarm clock to the timeclock….my life is full of bliss, grace, love and laughter…

And with that, the writers block lifts…

I found me again.