Early Morning Dialogue.

Funny will strike at anytime.  Today, it was at 6AM and went like this:

Telephone ringing…LOUDLY.  (We both jump out of bed and stare at the phone like it just sprouted arms and legs before the Wife answers it, doing her best not to sound asleep….)

the Wife:  “Hello?”

the Wife’s Chief: “Are you at work yet?”

tW: “uh, no.”

tWC: “Why NOT?”     {in the most surprised innocent voice}

{insert me snorting with laughter, it caught me so off guard}


tW: “Cause I was asleep?” She’s not even sure right now…


tWC: “When will you be in?”

the Wife, rubbing her eyes, staring blankly at the clock that says 6:01 AM…

tW: “uh…soon…”

not really sure why it struck me so funny, but I am STILL giggling and repeating the whole “Why not?”….just because it was so random and awkward…