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Gay, shmay.

Long ago, I took a stance on gay marriage, albeit a very stupid one that I now look back on as me, being sheltered, being small and being one to go along with being “the exception.”

I thought I would be avant garde, being the lesbian against gay marriage.  That I saw it as a man and woman; like in the bible.  Yep….even blogged about it.  Not that I was against IT, I just didn’t need a piece of paper to be committed to my partner.

I was an idiot.

I woke up, really WOKE up, when I realized the folks that are “against” gay marriage, that are using the Bible and religion as their platform….well, let’s just say, if that’s the “Christian” thing to do, then I have been wrong about my religion for a long time.

See, my religion doesn’t interfere with my politics.  In truth, I wouldn’t say I am a “religious” person, I would say I am a spiritual person.  I have a beautiful relationship with my God, my definition of God and it works for me.  I have friends that will tell me I am wrong, that I have to choose a side, that I have to choose a religion.

Here’s my take on it.  God is all things, in all things….and God forgives.  Yes, I get that there are those that think there is a vengeful side, but my bestie said it best to me…

“Steph, God gave us free choice, He didn’t make us free of consequences.”

She is amazing.  This has been on my mind since she said it.

So, I get that God is kind, I get that God is vengeful….but I don’t get that God CARES what religion I am as long as I behold Him, as long as I live a good and just life.

I don’t believe that he cares if I am gay.  Or married.

I don’t think that God has appointed ANY politician as His spokesperson.

OKAY, so back to the topic (I tend to ramble)…gay marriage.  I woke up one day and realized that the people MAKING the laws weren’t doing so because of religious conviction….far from it.  I don’t suspect a single solitary politician does anything for the good of anyone.  But I am jaded, chubby and irritable about politicians and think that the government is an antiquated system that doesn’t work, hasn’t worked and won’t work until they focus on what they should.

Budget, taxes, Americans.  Vets, education, Social Security.   I could go on and on….

I don’t think that the biggest thing in any debate, any election, on any political platform should ever be MARRIAGE.  Of any kind.  Seriously? My kids will never have the arts programs in school that I had because of budget cuts….and Mr. Politician is more worried about the fags…

For anyone to tell me I am right or wrong because of who I love….well, that’s not very Christian of you Mr. Politician, but go ahead and ask me for a donation…and listen to the dial tone.

For anyone to tell me I am going to burn in hell because I am gay….see you there, because I believe that you should leave the judgements to Him.  Just sayin’.

Yeah….I have grown.  I have changed.  My mind, my attitude and my beliefs.

I believe that the breeders (that’s you straight folks) haven’t gotten it right for many, many years….with a divorce rate of 50%, tell me about the sanctity of marriage again.

When straight folks take for granted the right to marry, when they are in long term relationships and call each other “husband” or “wife”, it smooth pisses me off.  When I have to drive across THREE states to marry the one I love and they can’t take the time to make the committment, it pisses me off.  I don’t care to hear someone who’s NOT married call their other half “husband” or “wife,” it diminishes the sanctity of the word.  To say it, without making the committment, is bullshit and means NOTHING.  I take nothing away from the level of committment two people make to each other, but find other terminology.  You AREN’T married, you AREN’T “husband and wife.”  Get off that platform.

I cherish the fact that I am a “wife.”  That I have a “wife.”  And 50% of the straight folks could give a shit less that they can.  That 100% of straight people have that right that they take for granted.  That to at least 50% of those, it’s just a word.

My friends have marched, voted, protested and been arrested for equal rights.  Mr. Politician can ask for my vote, my money and they can’t be bothered to give me a legal title?!??  Fuck you and your political platform and your vapid sound bites.    What the fuck is it going to hurt?  I pay my taxes, I obey the laws of man….and you want to use the law of God to bash me over the head….tsk, tsk on your judgemental ass.


So if the straights are done fucking it up….oh, wait….they aren’t, for example….the stupid, insipid Kim Kardashian, or any Kardashian for that matter.  If I hold up no other example of getting it wrong….that’s enough….but then we gots good ol’ Newt Gingrich.  pffftp…..it’s all that free choice that God gives them….so that’s okay….

Go ahead, tell me how straight folks have this marriage thing on lock, because well….they don’t do it any better than the rest of us.

I am gay.  I am married.  I don’t eat babies.  I don’t have horns or a tail.  I didn’t turn my kids gay or purple.  We are who we are.

I am so sick of the gay marriage bills, the votes, the appeals….all of it.  Fucking stop already!!!  It’s inevitable.  We gays aren’t going away.  We aren’t going to shirk back to a closet and hide who or what we are.  This country was built on diversity, on differences.

It was built by people who were escaping RELIGIOUS PROSECUTION….holy.shit.

I betcha there was a queer or two back in the day…I mean, really, the wigs?!!?  the outfits???!  PUH-leese….methinks Early American Drag Queen…

If I have to listen to or read one more stupid thing about gays being vile, or disgusting or diseased or worse than terrorists, I am going to vomit.

Says the straight politician that is giving it to his male political aide.  Or the straight, happily married person having multiple affairs, children out-of-wedlock, or being on the down-low.  Say the religious zealot that tells me it’s in the Bible whilst wearing a poly cotton blend and living off the handouts of my liberal gay self.


“God gave us free choice.  He didn’t make us free of consequences.”

So my choice is I’m gonna be gay.  I look great in purple.  I am gonna be married.  To a girl.  I am gonna be a mommy and someday a grandma.

I’m gonna be me.

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