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4 Door Yugo.

My dad, or as I call him, The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, was a dork of the highest order.  And he one time, probably 20 years ago, told me a joke that would leave me in tears.  I would laugh until my face hurt.  And every time I told it, it was almost impossible for me to get through it.  I would laugh, knowing the punchline.

Most of my friends, God love them, thought it was probably the stupidest joke ever told.  But they would laugh…some because it’s the polite thing to do…some, because I have been told, I have an infectious laugh and they would laugh at my reaction, they would laugh with me for moments on end.  Laugh at the stupidest joke I have ever heard…

“What do you call a 4-Door Yugo?”

“A WE-go!!!”

Get it?

For those that don’t know….a Yugo was a tiny little two door car in the 80’s before Smartcars.  And usually yellow or brown.  Kinda like the Pinto of its day….



sorry….it became such a “signature” of mine that the Respondent, for my 31st birthday got me personalized plates for my Blazer that said “WEEGO.”  (Yes, dumbass spelled it wrong, but it was the thought…only he didn’t renew them and I only had them one year…dick)

Fast forward 10 years….I still find it funny, but it’s less funny because I have to explain what a Yugo is and with the invent of the Smartcar…well….it’s not as funny…

But leave it to my bestie to step it up a level.  She’s an idiot after my own heart.  So a couple of days ago, the iPhone goes off with a text from my bestie.  It says, “You are the only one I know that would fully appreciate this:”

I am telling you, I laughed for 10 minutes.  It’s the cutest thing I have ever seen….I have shown it to everyone and amazingly, I get the same stare, you know, the Wego stare…”why are you laughing so hard?  ok, I’ll join…”

Tell me this isn’t cute….?

Tell me this isn’t funny…?

and when I am cranky and put it out on my Facebook (I tend to get bitchy and snarky in comments lately) the bestie types two words on the post….

General Wee!!!



4 thoughts on “4 Door Yugo.

    • You know my dad…a Yugo had two doors….like only YOU could fit….if it had four doors, there’d be more room…therefore…WE-go! I know, I know…(hanging head in shame)

  1. OMG…I am dying over here! ROTFL! I think you are hilarious! & the joke is too, but the picture takes the cake!

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