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I’m a teenager MOM!!!

So today is the Boy’s birthday…he’s fully in teenager mode.  He’s locking himself in his room for hours on end…he’s texting his buddies and God help me….the girls.

He’s shy about it.  He’s got a strange sense of humor.  I love to listen to him laugh.  And his smile lights me up.

He’s growing up too fast.  He needs to slow down.  I need to still be mommy…

Dear sweet Son…wait for me…

It wasn’t so long ago that he held my hand..he called me mommy.  He wasn’t embarrassed to hug me or give me a kiss on the cheek…

Now he’s taller than me.  His shoulders are broader and his voice will change soon…he still has that sweet baby face, but soon, that will change.

And he will still be my baby…

He’s the last child of mine…it’s been me, the Boy and the Daughter…seems like even from the beginning…no matter who came or went in our lives, it was us…and that was perfect.

The wife joined this family three years ago…and the bond that the wife and the Boy have is amazing…AMAZING…he’s proud that he’s grown taller than her…the smile he gets on his face around her is sweet…and she is ferocious about him…

The Boy…my biggest protector, try as he might to grow up…I catch him…checking to see if I am still there.  Still watching.

Yes, my son…I am right here.  I always will be.  Always have been.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy…I love you to the moon and stars…and back again.

One thought on “I’m a teenager MOM!!!

  1. I know that as your Mom,
    I should read each of your writing but I don’t, sorry. I read the one about the birthday dinner and laughed til the tears came…Then I saw the one about the Boy and I know how you feel. You now know how I felt on your first day of school, your first date, and the day you got married.. You will always be my little girl..LOVE AND KISSES

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