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Football Dialogue.

The Boy is too funny..at almost 6′ and only 14, I forget sometimes he’s still a kid…today was the first day of football practice…he was exhausted and excited about the new season, only there’s a. “wrinkle” this year…and it goes.like.this.

the Boy:  “so yeah…there’s a girl on our team.”

Me: “oh?”

tB: “yeah, I thought she was a dude, but she had long hair, mom, she’s HUGE, not fat, I think she’s bigger than me!!!…”

M: “is she good?”

tB: “I guess, only…”

M: “what?”

tB: “I don’t know HOW to tackle her.”

M: “why do you need to?”

tB: “mom, she’s offense, I’m defense…I have to…but…”

M: “oh, for the love of all things holy, what?!?”

tB: “I don’t know WHERE TO TACKLE her!!!!”  (what is making this even better, are the hand gestures across his chest…and the look of horror on his face.)

{blink, blink}

tB: “I think I’ll just tackle her around the waist…or the back and hold on until they whistle for end of play…yeah that’s it…”

M:  {giggle, snort, giggle more}

M:  “That’s my boy…”

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