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Dreamer Dialogue.

We all dream.  It’s a fact. I don’t always remember my dreams.  But I do have colorful dreams.  Like my staff members showing up for work in prom dresses.  Or my dad showing up in the lobby at work.  Or I am an Olympian.  Shut.up.

I typically remember them in pieces.  Random snippets that I share with the wife.  This mornings conversation goes something like this…

the Wife:  “I hate cold weather!”  {we are sitting outside}

Me:  “Me too…but I’m not cold yet…”

M:  “I had a weird dream last night!”

tW:  “What happened?”  {as she continues to read the paper}

M:  “I don’t really remember much, but I was in cubicle world at *previous employer* and I was shooting at things, I think zombies.  And it’s freezing!”  {it’s 51*…but it was 78* two days ago!}

tW:  “Zombies?  really?”  {absolutely humoring me and not paying any attention}

M:  “Yes, but I was a total bad ass.  I had guns strapped to my legs and everything!”

tW:  {snicker} “Guns? Strapped to your leg?” {snicker}

M:  “Yep, I was like a ninja…I think I saw a commerical for Resident Evil before I turned off the TV.  I was a total bad ass!”

tW:  “Want some hot cocoa?”

M:  “Bad asses don’t drink hot cocoa…”

At such time, the wife looses her mind…she can’t breathe and she’s turning purple she’s laughing so hard at me.  Which I didn’t find amusing.  At.All.

However, the cup of hot cocoa she made me was delish…


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