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I need a bat.

I really need to get better about this blogging thing.  I mean, there was a time, you couldn’t shut me up, now…radio silence.  Seriously, I’ve been in stealth mode lately.

Actually, I can’t back that up.  I’ve just been lazy.

Lazy if you call the holidays, birthdays, laundry, errands, life, etc…it all seems to get in my way.  all.the.time.

So it’s quiet tonight, which is a great respite from the last day or so…and mommy needs a break.  I am currently fighting with dinner and a fire.  Neither seems to want to do ignite, so we may do pizza.  Or Chinese.  The only two things that deliver here.  I would love to test the Jimmy John theory of how fast they get here, but I am two blocks outside of any delivery zone.  Bastards.

I really want an Eph McNally sammich from Detroit, but only if Urs can deliver and Kenner can bring us beer.  No? FINE!!!

I’ve contemplated stopping this…kinda out of words.  Which is funny for someone who talks non-stop…but I’ve read and re-read many of my entries and I realized that a lot of them are about how other people affect me.  How their choices have upset me.  Not that they seem to care, but I do.  And I believe I care too much.

So I have sat back and taken inventory of my psyche.  I need to quit being all complainy.  I can bitch and moan about it or I can just let them go about their imagined way.  Most of the folks that upset me don’t KNOW they upset me, so why would they do anything different?  Why would any of them go out of their way to make ME feel better when they don’t know I am hurt by their inaction?

I have long said I am the world’s shittiest friend.  I don’t call, I don’t reach out first…most times.  But when I do, to some of these folks, I am met with nothing back.  So I am deciding to let them go.  And that’s totally okay.

I wanna see the humor in everything again.  I want to laugh until my sides hurt.  I want to smile more than I don’t.

I wanna be me.

I have found recently, that many things actually DO amuse me.  Wal-Mart will forever be a strange fascination, but there’s a whole wide world of stupid out there.  I submit:

  • Nicki Minaj.  I mean, for real.  I have become an American Idol junkie and she’s about put me off of this season all together.  Drives.me.crazy.
  • Amish Mafia.  I watched about 4 minutes of it and I don’t get it.  Are they all gangster and they are drug lords or do they just steal each others horses and hats?
  • Honey Boo Boo.  Or as I call it, the Last Circle of Hell.

I have found a few things out about me lately that deserve a mention….I don’t know why, but this is my stream of consciousness, so pfffftp!

  • I have text conversations with my bestie that no sane person should ever have.  EVER.  She gave up on ever getting me to behave a while back when in a text, she asked me to be on my best behavior.  My reply, “define best.”  Took her 20 minutes to respond to me with a simple, “I love you…”  I don’t think she meant it quite the way I took it.
  • We have a fancy shower radio in, well, the shower.  I *heart* it.  And I have found the acoustics in said shower are amazingly perfect for my warble and I will sing like Christina Aguilera on acid, only to have the wife knock on the door and tell me to stop because the neighborhood dogs are losing their minds and we have angry villagers at the door.  Methinks they don’t appreciate a true artiste.
  • I probably heap more abuse on Bossman than I should.  I have told the wife on several occasions that if I get fired, it will be because of my surly disposition and my mouth.  Yet, he continues to pay me, he continues to give me things to do, so who am I to mess with perfection (that would be in me, duh)
  • I made it through 2012 without a single assault charge being filed against me.  Which was epic.  Truly epic.

Maybe 2013 will be awesome and amazing.  Yep, that’s the plan.

Maybe I’ll keep dusting this ol’ blog off every now and then…just to let you peek inside my world.  Besides, I am 100,000% sure I have some more bitchin’ to do…

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