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Quick Wit Dialogue.

Weekends are always packed with errands.  Every weekend and currently, we have to schedule the errands around the Boy’s football games, because yes, we are playing select football again…lucky for us…it was a bye week because of Spring Break, I thought, ah-ha! Errands away!!!!  yeah, it’s even better when the wife thinks she’s funny.

Saturday, I was on the hunt for a Wells Fargo.  It had to be a Wells Fargo…so I told the wife to keep on the lookout…I was “sorta” keeping an eye out, but I was busy with important things, you know, like Facebook…the wife keeps “reminding” me that she is in fact the only one looking for a Wells Fargo.  The rest goes.like.this.

the Wife:  “you aren’t looking.”

Me:  “yes I am!”

tW: “in Facebook?  I’m trying to drive! St Patty’s Day traffic is nuts, help me out!”

M: “Fine!”

{we are in the far right lane, when I look up, to the left.}

M: “LOOK!!!!  right there!!!!  There’s a Wells Fargo!!!  RIGHT there!!!”

tW: “it’s on the other side of the road.  I’ll stop and let you out!”

M: “wha-?  whatever shall I do, SPRINT across 6 LANES OF TRAFFIC on NW Hwy?!?!!??”

tW: “Sprint, really??  bwahahahahahahahaha!!!”

M:  “bwahahahahahaha!!!”

now, I find this funny, simply for the visual.  I don’t run.  I doubt I would run if I was being chased by someone homicidal or an ex….I just flat don’t run.  Not graceful enough…but to be a human version of Frogger didn’t appeal to me.

So the wife is driving through tears…I am all “it’s not THAT funny!” as I try to stop laughing.

I got to Wells Fargo.  As punishment…the wife bought a new chair for the den.  It’s not shoes, but that’s a whole ‘nother conversation…

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