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Points to ponder.

When you buy a home, HGTV should automatically show up at your doorsteps and make  the home looks perfect.  Just sayin.

Why was popcorn ceilings sooooo popular??? It makes me insane.

I need to stop googling home improvements, it’s making me impatient. 

On American Idol, do they sound better in the audience than on TV…because this blue hair chick is working my last.gay.nerve.

Speaking of Idol, what is with the beard on Ryan, is he trying to be Harry 2.0. I’m not sure how to feel about it.  And are those press on nails JLo is wearing?

I’m distressed that Empire is off now…and Orange is the New Black isn’t back yet.  Thank God for Blacklist.

When is the appropriate date to begin wearing flip flops? 

I have a serious addiction to nude lipstick and PopTarts. I need a support group. 

I need a new puppy.  

And purse. 

I miss my peeps. They know who they are.  Through texts, calls, FaceTime or whatever…there is a group of peeps that make me smile and I love each of them…

Need to plan a get together soon.

Need to plan trips to Kenner, Ronnie, Urs and Shelah. 

I want to go to Memphis and NOLA. again. Soon. 

I should prolly be nicer to Bossman so he will give me the time off. Oh, who am I kidding…I will continue to be a pain in the ass and he will still give me the time off…duh. 

I wanna take a cruise.

I should prolly be finishing the damn laundry instead of free flowing the shit in my head. 

I live a blessed life..with amazing, beautiful kids and a wife that I can’t live without. I’m simply amazed by this every damn day. 

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