Let’s Take A Moment.


I can’t believe this is gonna happen…hold on to yer britches…

I’m going to defend the Kardashian/Jenner clan.  As a whole. I KNOW!!!

So, let’s just dive in, let’s get to the brass tacks…

  • Many of us watched the Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner.
  • Many of us watched the two-part special on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
  • Many of us have an opinion on gay, straight, transgender, et.al folks.
  • Many of us have an opinion on  the Kardashians.
  • Many of us don’t matter one iota to the entire lot of Kardashians/Jenners.
  • Many of us have families.
  • Many of us are daughters, wives, sisters and mothers.
  • NONE of us walk in their Louboutins.

Let me clarify something I my mind after watching four hours of salacious television regarding Bruce Jenner/Caitlin Jenner journey.

  1. The two-part Kardashian special was filmed BEFORE Diane Sawyer, I believe sometime early winter.  It just aired in May.
  2. Diane Sawyer aired first. Two weeks before.

This is important to me, because watching these two shows out-of-order, put Kris Jenner in a very bad light. During the interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce said “if Kris had been more understanding, we would probably still be married.” And Diane Sawyer reported that when Kris Jenner was asked for a comment, she said “No comment.” As opposed to the other two wives that were supportive and nurturing.

One of these wives now has a memoir about her life with Bruce. The same chick did a memoir about her life with Elvis years ago…I’m just going to say that the release of this book and the nurturing and support are completely 100% a coinky dink.

So, as I sat and watched the Diane Sawyer interview and heard the “no comment” comment, I actually may have said out loud…”what a bitch! Her whore daughter does porn and she’s all over it, this person needs her outward support and she can’t be bothered???” If I didn’t say it, I sure did think it!!!

We talked about how brave he was, being part of this mega famous (or infamous) family and having the courage to do something for himself. We rallied with support of our favorite Olympian son and we’re grateful for the love and support he got from his children. And two ex wives.

Then it happened,  I watched KUWTK…two times!!!!I know, I KNOW!!!! And my opinion about this ego bloated family changed.

See, what we didn’t see with Diane Sawyer is the way these children are handling it.  I’m gonna give it to Bruce and Kris…they are actually pretty level-headed folks, the whole clan…well, sorta.  Yes, they have a lifestyle that none of us can comprehend. (I mean, I don’t have makeup and hair people to blame this look on, it’s all me. ) but at the very bottom, this is a family.  A family going through a mind-blowing change.

In public. In front of all of us. For us to mock and ridicule and judge.

And they have to do so with a smile on their face….withjust the right amount of  concern, of bewilderment…lest they judged for being superficial.

So in watching KUWTK, I learned Bruce had been going through this change without telling anyone.  Then, from what I can gather, unloads all of this on them after months of public speculation. Apparently rather recently, because during the Kardashian show, it’s put out there that yes, they know but within months, he will be having surgery. MONTHS!!!! He just told them. And then he drops that bomb on two of them at once, with no apparent notice. Then can’t understand their shock or tears…or even their anger.  I wanted to shake him.

In watching KUWTK, it’s also learned that Kylie (I think) saw her father dressed as a woman at 4:00 AM and didn’t tell him. She stayed confused.  They found makeup and lipstick and thought he was having an affair. Kim caught him once and kept his secret for years.  The mind fuck that was happening in this family is astonishing.

I saw daughters, who love their father so deeply, they are willing to support him and love him unconditionally. I saw a wife, trying to adjust to being the ex-wife and trying to be understanding and supportive. I saw a family just trying to deal with an incredibly personal matter in a very public way. It was heartbreaking.

I saw a man, so conflicted within himself that he hid his innermost feelings for years….YEARS…feeling that his body, his genetics have betrayed him and he is completely trapped, destined to live someone else’s life as best he could. The heartbreak and pain that we witnessed was so very sad. In life, we all only want to be loved for who we are, we all strive to be the best version of ourselves.

He wasn’t able to do that. For 65 years.

Now, he sees its his turn, to grab his own truth, his own happiness. Why would ANYONE think to judge him? Why would anyone deny someone such happiness? How are any of us better than him?

Now….for my defense of Kris.  She was quoted as having no comment.   What we see in the KUWTK special is a woman, married to a man for 25 years, who bore him two children, who loved him and imagined growing old with him.  We see that he didn’t let her in.  He acknowledges it, she states she had begged him for 5 years to tell her why he was so angry. He acknowledges that he “stuffed” it down and he didn’t share his private torment.  She tells him she loves her husband, her best friend of 25 years and he’s gone.  That she has to mourn the end of her marriage AND the demise of the MAN she loves.

I saw her lay her head down and watched her weep.  In that moment, my heart went out to the momager that couldn’t to spin this.  She was a big wet mascara-y mess and she was human.

This was taped BEFORE Diane Sawyer.  I now understand why she had “no comment”.  I now see that she had no more to give and she needed time.

Bruce said repeatedly throughout both shows that he isn’t going to change.  He is still going to be the same person on the inside.  Then he repeatedly contradicts this by stating he saying he can’t wait to see who she is. He can’t have it both ways. I get that Bruce wants to soften the blow, to lessen the pain for everyone, because he also repeatedly says, “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

He needed to stop hurting himself and he needs to be who he is, he needs to be her.  She needs to be loved, respected, nurtured and understood.

She needs to be patient. She needs to let his family mourn.

We all change, not as drastically, but we as we age, we do. He has not only changed himself emotionally but physically. For him to think there won’t be any period of adjustment is insane.

I was awkwardly proud of the children. They are handling this as best they can with the grace they possess from growing up in the public eye. From Khloe bringing HER shoes to Kim going through HER wardrobe. To her sons, just simply being there and loving “Dad”….they just want him to be happy.  They just want to love her.

So, the end, maybe SHE has made them all a little more human.

Maybe SHE can be that inspiration to so many that just need to be who they aren’t yet.  To be the inspiration to show them the way.

Maybe she can be the hero to many youth.  Just as HE did as an Olympian.

Maybe, we can all let her sit back and learn who she is.

Maybe we can just relish in fact that as a society, we are ever-growing and evolving…that we can love someone for their insides, to look past the outsides and see a person for who they are.