You matter.

I am completely and profoundly over the need to differentiate between whose life matters and whose does not.  I have not ever cared if you were white, black, gray, purple, green, striped or polka dotted.  I have never cared if you were Catholic, Agnostic, Muslim, Baptist, Jewish, Hindu, wiccan, prayed with sheep or to Elvis.  I care about one thing.  If you were a good person.  PERIOD.

So, in essence, you matter.  To me.

Here’s what matters.  STOP brutalizing each other.

It’s not in the name of justice or equality.  It’s not in the name of anyone or anything you pray to.  It’s not necessary to hurt another person to make a statement/sacrifice/offering/whatever.  It’s not necessary to hurt someone to make yourself feel better.

It won’t help.  It’s not the answer.  Ever.

Violence and anger never get you anywhere near peace.

Folks, someone has to take that first step.  We are killing each other.  We are not fixing the problems we have, we are making them worse.  We aren’t reaching acceptance or understanding.  We have derision and hate.

Instead of taking to social media and exclaiming one group of people is worth more than another, stand together to stop hate.  Speak of love, speak of FIXING a problem instead of creating another problem.  Before you post that tweet, instagram photo, facebook status….think…is this going to upset someone?  Is what I say going to negatively or positively impact those around me?  Is today the day I am going to make a difference?

It’s time people, to take responsibility for our words, our actions.  Many have fought for our right to free speech, use it for something other than hate and hurt.

It’s time people.  Grow up, act like you are in this for keeps.  Quit being a knucklehead.

It’s time people.  For love and respect.

It’s time we all matter.