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Geography Dialogue.

A while back, the wife mocked me on social media for my geography skills.  I pointed out that I didn’t have to have NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST down pat…I was a passenger, not a sailor.  And there were many who came to my defense.  Either because they understand me or felt bad for me…

In actuality, I DO know the four directions and which is which.  I choose to be a terrible navigator…yeah, that’s IT!!!

That apparently did not include knowing that Ft. Worth was WEST of Dallas.  There.  I said it.  I don’t know WHAT I thought, only that I did not think it through when I said it out loud.  “Isn’t Ft. Worth above and to the side of Denton?”

She made me stand in front of a map and point out where this stuff was.  Never actually thought about it before, which is 90% of the conversations we have…

I thought I was going to have to take the wife to the ER to get her checked for a concussion from beating her head into a wall, and for oxygen from laughing at me so hard.

Tonight, this happened.  While discussing a business trip she has planned.

Me:  “aren’t they going to have events in the evenings while you are up there?”

wife: “up there?  where?  Where do you honestly think San Antonio is?”

Me:  “you know, up there by Denton and Ft. Worth…”

For the record, I totally know where San Antonio is…it’s down there.  I needed to remind her that she CHOSE to marry me…on her own.

Anything else is her fault.


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