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Engine Dialogue.

The dealership we bought my car from is known for their customer service.  I get treated like the queen that I am with their impeccable customer service.  Recently, they have began courting the wife with a fancy new truck, even I am in on wanting her to have this fancy new truck.  It IS beautiful, but she is resisting…she loves her dependable Yukon, I love the history behind the Yukon and the “FU” to the Beast it feels like every time I put my hiney in either the driver or passenger seat.  Yes, I am a queen, but even I can be childish…so shut.it.

Anyhoo, the beloved Yukon needs an AC tune up before summer in Texas.  (you think I’m a queen…the wife is WORSE when she gets sweaty…) so we take her Yukon in and get a loaner.  It is a loaner with every trick and gadget you don’t even know you need on it.  It’s the vehicle of my dreams.

To be honest, it’s the vehicle that my prodigious queen ass DESERVES to be driving.  Yes.  I said it.  It is magical.

So, we are talking about new cars, me and the wife.  Specifically the new truck she’s dreaming about…it goes something like this..

Wife:  “That new truck as a 6.2, the Yukon is a 5.3”

Me:  (looking up from whatever has dazzled me at the moment)  “huh?”

Wife:  “The truck, the engine is a 6.2, V-8, the Yukon is a 5.3”

Me:  blink, blink, “WHAT are you saying?  What is the difference?”

Wife: “I don’t know.”

Me:  “You use words like this and you don’t know what you’re talking about?!?!?!”

Wife: “Yes, you do it all the time!!!”

Me:  “Fair enough…”

Someone deserves a new car, I am beginning to think it might be me.

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