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She, I am…

– never as cool as I want to think I am.

– alternately more comfortable either making you laugh or making you cry, depending on my mood. And as such, I have been told I should have been either a stand-up comedian or trial attorney. So I guess I am just a really funny bitch, correct?

– mommy to the Daughter and the Boy.  Alternately known as My Little Tax Deductions or Mommy’s Driving Force for Therapy.  They are amazing kids and the whole reason for my every waking moment.  They are also the source of 98% of all frustration, agony, joy and merriment in my life

girlfriend  WIFE to Her.  You got it…gay, gay, gay…
(Editor’s Note – as of March 2011, I am now Mrs. to Her.  Still gay.  Probably got gayer…)

– daughter to the Mother, who swears I have put her in Shady Pines.

– oldest sibling to the Sister.  Who is the mother of all sisters…

– on the FBI top ten list of greatest control freaks walking free. Much to my daughter’s constant frustration and my amusement. I usually have an alibi for everything and will blame my baby sister for as much as I can. If that doesn’t work, I blame the kids…

– someone who people completely confide in.  Some of the most intimate, personal details of their lives, they see fit to share with me.  I don’t ask for this gift, it was bestowed upon me early in my young adulthood and you would be surprised that the fountain of personal detail I have bubbling beneath my surface.  Some of this knowledge makes me uncomfortable, some makes me feel the need to shower, yet all of it honors me that the person telling me such secrets, trusts me enough to do so.

– strong in my faith.  My spirituality often surprises many.  I somehow come off like a heathen, but deep down, I rely completely in my faith in God.  I know that in this day and age, it’s not so cool to be so faithful, but I proudly wear my faith on my sleeve and can talk for HOURS about it to anyone who will listen.    My faith carries me and I pray daily that I be that Christian person that leads a fulfilling, honest life.  I fall off the path, often, but I am guided right back where I should be.

– blessed that I have the best friends that you can ever have and I don’t share them well at all. I am not the best friend you can have, I do try, but I don’t return phone calls and I am terrible at remembering birthdays. However, I am fierce and protective to a fault. These folks are my warriors and I think of them as my family of choice. Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt them…you won’t walk away without a limp!!!

– able to find the funny in anything.  Folks at Wal-Mart fascinate me.  I have concluded that in my lifetime, common sense will no longer win any race and stupid will become the majority.  Which is equally exciting and horrifying, mostly at the same time.  I can also find the “dirty” in most anything, but that would make this a COMPLETELY different blog.  Stupidity in the human race makes me smile and is my inspiration.

And just when you THINK you know me, you really don’t.

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